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EMS Career Day 2014

Instructional Technology Specialist Gregg Miles for the Effingham County School District

Justin Keith

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of EMS Career Day 2014

Training Sessions
EMS Career Day 2014
Gregg Miles
Instructional Technology Specialist
Effingham County School District

New Cool Software that is free on the Internet
PowerPoint Alternatives - Prezi, Bite Slides, etc..
Bring Your Own Technology
Cell Phones
Smart Phones
Android Tablets
e-readers - Kindles, Nooks, etc..
ChromeBooks are the newest thing we are implementing
What if I want to be a Media Specialist?
Teaching degree
Master’s in Instructional Technology
What if I want to be an
Instructional Technology Specialist?
Teaching degree
Masters’ in Instructional Technology
Love of Technology
Ability to teach others
What I do
Web 2.0
About Me
Georgia Southern University Graduate
Taught Elementary School
South Effingham High School in Guyton, GA
Technology Media Specialist @SEHS
Instructional Technology Specialist @ECSD
Like Frisbee Golf
Eat like a Hobbit
Currently, we are trying to get your
teachers to start using Twitter so that
they can share ideas with other
teachers in our county.
I help Teachers learn how to use technology in their classrooms
Interactive Whiteboards & slates/tablets
Smart boards
Interwrite boards
Promethean Boards
Document Cameras
What if I want to be a Teacher?
Graduate High School
High GPA
Bachelor’s In Education (4-Year)
Master’s (recommended)
More if you want to be the best
Thanks for listening to me today and being such a great group!
About what I do?

About how to become a teacher, Media Specialist or Instructional Technology Specialist?

Technology & Web 2.0?
QR Codes
Augmented Reality
Virtual Field Trips
Write up directions
Make Video Tutorials
Teach Classes
After School
Training Sessions
Work with the Public
Career Day
Parent University
Present at Conferences
Problem Solve
Fix Stuff
Answer Questions
Why Do I do It?
It’s fun learning new stuff
I get to move from school to school and meet new people
No Papers to Grade!
What skills do you need?
MOST IMPORTANT: A desire to learn new stuff with out trepidation then share it with others.
You don’t have to know everything, you just have to be willing to learn.
Get along with people and have them like you.
Gregg Miles, Ed. S.
Instructional Technology Specialist


Twitter: @gmilesecsd

Skype: gmiles.ecsd

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