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Report on Tigers I made original on paper cool

Nicole Vernon

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Tigers

Tigers Siberian Where do they live? Now:
Amur River Basin, Russia Then:
Northern China
Lake Baikal - Russia Amur Tigers What do they eat? wapiti
moose How much do they eat? In the wild? 60 lbs of meat a day!
In a zoo? 10 lbs of meat a day. They hunt at night When they are full,
they cover their food
with leaves, sticks, and dirt Tigers love the water They are great swimmers Tigers are shy...
unless provoked! Jump Clear 15 feet in a single leap! A tiger's roar can paralyze The roar emits soundwaves
that we cannot hear,
so you actually
FEEL the ROAR. The BIGGGEST cat in the cat family World's favorite animal Mine too! Paler fur coat than other tigers.
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