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Current Drivers on HR strategies

No description

Jennifer Weiss

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Current Drivers on HR strategies

Current key drivers of HR strategy
Current Global Megatrends
Increasing influence of China
EU future uncertain
Shift of economic growth centres (Brazil, Russia, India, China)
Continued economic uncertainty
HR strategy
Corporate culture vs. micro cultures
Mobility/Talent issues
Cross-functional teamwork vs. functional silos
Challenges of multi-cultural leadership
Demographic change & skills shortage in workforce
'War on talent'
Global production, local consumer needs
Global sourcing on local level
Outsourcing & high relevance of suppliers
Think Global, act local
Increasing stakeholder scrutiny, consumer awareness & regulation
Impact of climate change
Increase in environmental & social responsibility
Information & communication technologies
Acceleration of technological process
Online society
Generation Y
Input & involvement
Continuous development
Supportive management
Fairness, tolerance, equity
Concern for individual welfare
Generation Y
Work values
Recruitment & selection
Training & development
Supervisor support
Intrinsic & extrinsic benefits
Performance management
HR strategies to attract Generation Y
High Performing Human Resources Practices
Pay for performance
Opportunity for development
Motivate and engage employees
Involvement in formal participation processes
Regular communication regarding Company goals and objectives
Facilitate change
High performance employees
Belonging to organisation
Affective Commitment
Share expertise
Help Colleagues
Try new & effective ways of working
Provide constructive suggestions on improvement
Organisational citizenship behaviour
Low absenteeism
External drivers
The Business
Strategic key goals
Beyond 18
People Development Steering Group
Business strategy & context
HR Theory & Best Practice
MK/ OMK Strategy survey feedback
Volkswagen Group HR strategy & Spitzenpersonalarbeit
Volkswagen Group
HR Team Feedback
2014 Priorities
2013 HR strategy
VW Group synergies
HR IT 2014
Intent to remain
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