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Amtrak Station Proposal

Intrepid Engineering

Jon Libby

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Amtrak Station Proposal

Amtrak Station
Proposal Current Terminal Current Problem Pedestrian Safety Site Access Solution Current Parking Situation Traffic Additional Problem Architectural Plan Economics Sustainability Aesthetic Steel Frame Green Roof Current Soil Conditions Based on soil borings, most soil
10 feet below the surface and
up is clayey silt or silty clay Trowbridge Rd Reconstruction
of Trowbridge Rd Full ADA Compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act) Location, Location, Location Old Amtrak station: 25 parking spaces (2 handicapped parking spaces) Optimization Simulation Storm Water Overview Off Campus Location Open-Web
Joists Tension Rods Slab Span Intersection Delay per Vehicle Bus Access & Parking Site Access Plasma Arc
Vitrification Timeframe Safety LAWS Public
Relations The Terminal Trowbridge Rd Trowbridge Rd Amtrack Terminal Parking Garage Red Cedar Rd * MDEQ Brownfield Program - Clean Michigan Incentive
* EPA Site Assessment Fund
* Underground Storage Tank Fund
* Superfund - Training, Research, and Technical Assistance
* Remediation Tax Credit
* Kresge Green Building Initiative Barrel Location
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