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No description

waynelan skantharajah

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of interaction

Group 8 Interaction Semester 2 Persona User
Research Initial Concepts Development Game Mechanics Characteristics Situation Profile Views Problems Name: Noah Clark Age: 39 Occupation: Teacher > Has a wife and 3 children > Teaches at a local primary school > He is the bread winner of the family > Overall low-medium house income >Wary of energy use Aware that the family needs to
cut down household energy use for environmental and economical reasons. Likes to educate his kids and encourages them to save energy as much as possible Puts his family first before all other
commitments Energy bills are rising and he can't
make sense of the energy meter Realizes his kids use a lot of energy with appliances He doesn't understand where all the expenses are going Family 1 Family 2 Key Findings - Dependent population (people who rely on others for income) use the most energy

- The families not aware of exactly how much they are spending and where it’s being spent

- Energy readers are too hard to comprehend

- no awareness of current savings

- negative user experience with energy companies

- Direct debit often set up to pay >Designing for dependent population

>E-orbs, currency for rewards

>Concepts which encourage children to save energy We developed the idea by referring back to the persona after every decision. Final Concept Robert Fox Ben Kippax Waynelan Skantharajah Stephanie Smith Frazer Stuart
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