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Ms. Henderson's Class Procedures

First days of school procedures for students to follow throughout the year.

Hillary Henderson

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of Ms. Henderson's Class Procedures

4th Grade Science procedures
Ms. Henderson: 2017-2018
These procedures are the steps and routines we will follow to keep our class running smoothly.
C.H.A.M.P.S Expectations
elf Control
s.h.a.r.k expectations
elf Control
Follow directions
Keep your voice down and your tone respectful
Keep your hands and other objects to yourself
Listen to your teacher
s.h.a.r.k expectations
Don't deceive, cheat, or steal
Be reliable
Do what you say you'll do
Have the courage to do the right thing
Build a good reputation
s.h.a.r.k expectations
Be responsible
Complete homework and class assignments
Bring needed supplies to class
Be on time for class
Do your share to make your school a better place
s.h.a.r.k expectations
s.h.a.r.k expectations
Show school pride
Follow all school rules
Respect your teachers
Be open-minded & listen to others
Use good manners
Deal peacefully with anger
Help others in need
Say "please" and "thank you"
Give someone a compliment
What are some other ways you can be a S.H.A.R.K?
Can you think of any examples?
Morning Procedure
If you need to, go to your locker before entering the room.
Politely greet Ms. Henderson at the door.
Enter the room quietly.
Head to your seat then check in.
Go to the bathroom if needed
Switch your pencil for a sharpened one
"DEAR Time"
Dear Time
Our goal is to raise every student's Lexile score by 100 points by the end of the year!
How can you use DEAR time to reach your goal?
2. Bring a book that you will enjoy instead of picking one from the shelf that you won't read again.
3. Focus and
"get lost"
in your book.
Bathroom policy
Morning Bathroom Policy
1. You may only go to the bathroom AFTER you have checked in.
2. Only TWO boys and TWO girls may be in the bathroom at a time.
3. Be sure to wash your hands before leaving the bathrooom
4. The bathroom is NOT a room to play with friends. Quickly take care of business and come back to class.
5. Begin DEAR time once you return to class
Class-Time bathroom policy
1. During class, bathroom breaks are not allowed if the teacher is teaching.
2. If you are working on an assignment, you may go to the bathroom; however, your Hall Pass will need to be signed.
3. Only ONE student is allowed in the bathroom at a time during class.
4. Be sure to wash your hands before leaving the bathroom.
5. Return to work quickly and quietly so you won't disrupt work.
Sharpening Pencils
You must have a sharpened pencil at the beginning of school every day.

At the end of the day, turn your used pencil in to the "Not-Sharpened" can to be sharpened.

student allowed to use the pencil sharpener is the Supply Chief. It is the Supply Chief's job to sharpen all pencils at the end of the day.
Classroom Jobs
There are jobs available in our classroom.
Each week, I will assign eight students a job. They will hold the job for the entire week.
At the end of the week, I will rotate jobs and assign them to a new set of students.
A job is a huge responsibility: If I feel you are not doing what is expected of you, I will fire you and assign the job to another student.
Classroom Jobs
1. Teacher's assistant -
Runs errands for the teacher, takes the absentee & any notes to the office, administers hand sanitizer before lunch
2. Make-up work manager -
Places make-up work in the absent box for students who are not at school.
3. Supply Chief -
Sharpens pencils every afternoon to prepare for the next day; restocks table buckets when supplies are low
4. Greeter -
Answers the door whenever someone knocks; welcomes guests into the classroom
5. Custodial Manager -
Sweeps the floor every day before dismissal; wipes down cabinets and tables
classroom jobs
6. custodial manager -
Sweeps the floor every day before dismissal; wipes down cabinets; washes tables on Wednesday
7. School Spirit Director -
Shows a positive attitude every day; helps lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance; assists with Rise 'n Shine every morning
8. Supply Chief -
Restocks supply buckets when needed, makes sure art supplies are stored properly, sharpens pencils every afternoon to prepare for the next day
checking In
1. Each morning, after greeting Ms. Henderson at the door, put a check mark next to your name in the Check-In Binder
2. If you are tardy that day, please highlight your name.
3. I will use the Check-In Binder to take attendance each morning, so always remember to check in.
4. If you fail to check in and I or my teacher's assistant have to remind you, I will deduct a point from your Class Dojo.
Give me 5
Class Supplies & Materials
You will be responsible for bringing the following items with you to class every day:
If you need a sharpened pencil, you may trade yours for one in my sharpened cup.
Notebook/Trapper Keeper
A library book or book from home
If you forget one, you may borrow it from my shelf.
My books
stay in the room.
Lining UP
REMEMBER: The bell does not dismiss you; the teacher does.

1. I will dismiss the class by table
student numbers
2. The line in the room should be at a Level Zero
3. Keep
square between each student
5. Stand straight without leaning on tables or cabinets
6. While walking in the hallway, stay in the third square from the wall
Turning in Assignments
When you finish an assignment, it will go in the tray with your period number.
These trays are for complete work only.
Incomplete assignments will be kept until you have finished.
Class Dismissal
Daily Agenda
Returning Papers &
Parent Notes
End of the Day
"Welcome Work"
Leaving the room During Class
Late for Class
Absent Box
Heading Your Paper
Emergency Drills
Classroom Transitions
Brain Breaks
What To Do If You Finish Work EArly
Late or Missing
Class Dojo
Working in Groups
Class Discussions
Carpet Policy
Classroom Library
Test Taking
While unpacking your backpack every morning, check for any returned forms or papers. These will go face down in Ms. Henderson's mailbox labeled "

Any letters/notes from your parents should go in Ms. Henderson's mailbox labeled "

This is one of the ways I will communicate with your parents, so it is very important that you do your part & put the papers where they belong.
I will have an alarm set to indicate when
minutes are left in the class.
This alarm does not dismiss you; I dismiss you.
When the alarm sounds, I will tell you to begin packing up.
Do not rush
- two minutes is plenty of time.
Place all your materials in your bag.
Straighten up around your table -
throw away any trash
pick up supplies and put them away
, etc.
When you are ready to go,
push your chair in and stand quietly behind it
I will call you a table at a time to
walk to the door and line up
When you walk into class each day, there will be a daily agenda displayed on the board.
This agenda will contain the following three components:
1. Welcome Work -
this area will give you an assignment to begin working on as soon as you enter the classroom.
2. Today's Objective -
this area will have what we will accomplish during today's lesson
3. Today's Target -
this area will have what you will do at the end of class
When Ms. Henderson says "Give me 5"
student does the following:
1. Look at the speaker

2. Stop talking & keep lips closed

3. Keep your ears open & listen to the speaker

4. Sit up straight

5. Be as still as possible & keep your hands/feet quiet
"Welcome Work" is an assignment displayed on our Daily Agenda at the beginning of every class.
After checking in as soon as you enter the room, begin working on the "Welcome Work"
You will have 5 minutes to complete the assignment every day
We will review your work at the start of class
Why Have "Welcome Work"?
1. To review what you've learned

2. To prepare you for today's lesson

3. To make our class run as smoothly as possible
If you must leave the room during class, move your number on the attendance board to the appropriate space. For example:
Writing Journal
If you ask to go to the restroom, move your number to the space labeled "Bathroom"
When you return to the classroom, move your number back to the space labeled "In the Room"
This lets me know where you are at all times
Sometimes things happen, and you just can't help being late for class. If you are tardy, here's what you should do:
1. Enter the room as quietly as possible without disturbing the class

2. Find your seat and pull out the materials needed for class

3. It is your responsibility to get the "Welcome Work" and any other assignments you may have missed at the end of class.
If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check the absent box when you return to school. This will contain any work that you missed.
Absent Folder
It is the job of the

make-up work manager

in each class to put make-up work in the absent box each day.
If you miss school, it is your responsibility to check the absent box for any assignments you missed.
For each day you are absent, you will have one day to make up any missed work.
For example: If you are absent 2 days, you have 2 days to turn in any make-up work.
Whenever you begin an assignment that is to be turned in, you should head your paper the following way:
In the upper right-hand corner of the page, write:

Your name (first and last)
Your class number next to your name
The date

Ms. Henderson p. 1 10/10/17
"How to Head a Paper in Class"
Homework packets will be sent home every
and are due

at the beginning of class.
Students who turn in their homework on time will be awarded a Class Dojo point
I will hand out extra copies of the homework packet if you lose it, but each copy will cost one Class Dojo point
I will only give out one extra homework packet to each student
If you lose the extra packet, I will not give you a third packet
Late Homework Policy
Students who do not have complete homework will finish it during Friday's recess
Students will lose one Class Dojo point for not having homework
It is the student's responsibility to come in at recess to finish homework - teachers will not seek you out
Homework turned in by the end of the day Friday will be given full credit
Any homework submitted after Friday will not be accepted and recorded as a zero in the gradebook
Throughout the year, we will practice what to do in case of an emergency. These drills will help keep us safe in the event of an actual emergency.
What Do You do in these Emergency Situations?
In a Fire Drill, We:

1. Line up quickly and quietly.
2. A safety team member will need to grab the emergency bag
3. In a single-file line, walk quickly to the exit double doors by Lost & Found
4. We will use the left door (Mrs. Abbey's class will use the right)
5. We won't have a door holder - please be courteous and hold the door open for the person behind you
6. Once outside, we will walk quickly across the street and stay in a single file line until Mrs. Caroline gives the all-clear
7. It is prudent that you stand quietly in line while we wait - I will use this time to call roll and make sure all students are accounted for
8. Once Mrs. Caroline gives the all-clear, we will make our way inside the same way we exited.
9. Immediately return to your seat and either wait quietly or continue working on your assignment
In a Tornado Drill, We:
1. Line up quickly and quietly.
2. We will exit the classroom and go to the bathroom hallway
3. Face the wall and put your head on your knees ("Bottoms up!")
4. Cover your head with your hands
5. Wait until we are given the all-clear
6. Once I dismiss you, stay in line and return to class
7. Continue working on your assignment or wait for me to give further instructions
IN a Lockdown Drill, We:
1. Remain as quiet as possible.
2. Silently stand up and make your way to the safe spot
3. In the safe spot, sit as still as possible and remain quiet
Your JOb:
My Job:
1. Lock and close the door
2. Turn off the lights
3. Remain as quiet as possible
Classroom transitions are when we move from one task to another. They can be
short and sweet
long and overwhelming
. Here's how we do them in this classroom:
1. When I instruct you to move from one task to another (
Example: "Put away your Welcome Work and get out vocabulary"
), work as
as possible - this is not social hour.
2. After you have transitioned,
sit up straight and look at me
. That is my cue that you are ready to continue.
Remember: Transitions should be QUICK!
Studies have proven that you learn better when you take quick breaks in between activities. I call these "
Brain Breaks
When I call a brain break, I will give you a time limit. At the end of the time, you should be back

in your seat and ready to learn.

Some brain breaks may require you to move about the room - they will NEVER ask you to run

Be respectful of those around you.

The "I'm Done" Jar
1. Draw a card from the jar
the first card you draw is the one you use
and take it back to your seat.

2. Begin a new entry in your journal and title it "Free-Write"

3. Copy the task on the card into your journal; then return the card to the jar.

4. If you do not finish the task before the end of class, you may continue working on it the next time you finish an assignment early.
After you complete an assignment, you may have extra time.
1. First, check your paper for your name and double check your work.

2. After you turn in your work, clean up any supplies you may have used to complete the assignment.

3. If you have extra time, you may draw a card from the
"I'm Done" jar
. Each card has a task you may complete as a "free write" in your journal.

4. Be sure to return your card to the jar at the end of class.
If a student does not have an assignment on the due date, he must fill out a
Missing Work
form and turn it in.
The form is located ....
You are still responsible for turning in your work - this isn't a "Get Out of Jail Free" card
For each day the assignment is late, I will deduct ten points from your grade
1 Day Late = 90% 2 Days Late = 80% 3 Days Late = 70%
Guests in the Classroom
Substitute Teachers
HALL Procedures
ands to yourself
ll eyes forward
ips closed
ow speed
Cafeteria Procedures
Enter the cafeteria silently - talking should wait until you are seated with your food.
If you did
bring your lunch:
Stand in line quietly
After getting your tray, give your name to the lunch lady at the desk
Find your seat - you may pick your seat, but this is a privilege you earn following the procedures
You may whisper while you eat
Remain in your seat until the duty teacher dismisses you
If you
bring your lunch:
Enter the cafeteria and find your seat
You may whisper while you eat
Remain in your seat until the duty teacher dismisses you
Recess Procedures
Working with a Partner
Walk until you reach the grass
Share the playground equipment
Be respectful of your peers - if there is a problem you cannot solve, go to the duty teacher immediately
When the whistle blows, stop playing and line up
Your line should be just as good as a line inside
1. Gather all materials/supplies you will need
2. Use a Level voice - a whisper only your partner can hear
3. Sit facing each other or elbow to elbow
4. Stay focused
5. Work with your partner, not ahead of your partner
Transitioning to and from the carpet should be quick and quiet.
1. I will call the quietest tables to move to the carpet

2. After your table is called, push your chair in and walk to the carpet

3. You may pick where you sit
I understand what you're saying, but...
I agree with you. Here's why...
Talking Tool:
If you have something to say during carpet discussions,
place your hand on your head
. This tells me and your classmates that you wish to receive the Talking Tool.
To keep from interrupting each other, only the student holding the Talking Tool may speak during discussions.

You may speak only when holding the Talking Tool
Eyes and ears must be on the person speaking
Pass the Talking Tool gently
Announce the name of the person you intend to pass the Talking Tool to so that he/she will be ready to catch it
Mutual Respect
If you respect the person speaking, they will be respectful as well.
Show respect by:
Looking at the speaker
Sitting up straight
Listening to what is being said
Responding politely (Nodding head, "I think Sally made a good point, but..."
Asking for Help
Come in quietly and put your things on your table
Help stack chairs
Supply Chief: Sharpen Pencils
Custodial Manager: Tidy Up!
Those who do not want to participate in Go Noodle may sit or stand behind tables 3 &4
End of the Day Dismissal
Macbook Cart
Earn points for good behaviors
Lose points for negative behaviors
Watch a video on Class Dojo here:

HOw to Sit on the Carpet
Personal Space
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