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Interview Skills

No description

Kaitlin Turck

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Interview Skills

Interview Skills
The Basics
1. Dress to impress:
* power colors
* fit
* professional

The Interview is Everything
Pretend they've never read your CV (maybe they didn't)
* Present your best side and don't rely on what's written

No surprises. No silent moments.
* Practice Answers to every question

* Research your own life and be ready to talk about your experiences

* Always have an answer! (Take time if needed. Don't say it doesn't apply to you.)
Even when it's over- it's not.
The Elevator Speech
* Leave them with a summary
*Remind them why they should hire you
* Have a 30 second speech prepared.
Thank them.
Always write a thank you note.
* thanks
* One thing interesting that you learned or talked about
* One sentence reminder why you want to work there/why are you the best candidate.
Do your Research
* Know as much as you can about the school/program/company
* Know what they want- Use their key words.
* Have intelligent questions to ask them
What can you do for them???? (Not what can they do for you)

Why are you the candidate that will get the most out of the experience???
2. Walk and talk Confidence
How to Answer an Experience Question
1. Background
2. What you did
3. What was the result?
4. How does it relate to the job?
Time to Practice
* Describe a time you have shown leadership.

* Describe a time you disagreed with a classmate or coworker, how did you handle it?

* What is your proudest accomplishment?
Sell Yourself
* Relate points to the job
* Tell the interviewers why your experience makes you the best candidate
What's your Elevator Speech?
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