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11 birthdays

No description

Taylor Draganiuk

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of 11 birthdays

Prezi by: Taylor Protagonists The protagonist's are Amanda and Leo. Antagonist The Antagonist isn't a person but it is an event. The antagonist is when Amanda and Leo get stuck in their birthday that keeps happening. Inciting Incident The inciting incident is when Amanda has her horrible birthday and the next morning she figures out that something is wrong. So after a while she try's to find out what happened to get this to happen. Conflict This book is external and internal

INTERNAL: Amanda and Leo have the same birthday
so this day keeps going on and on for only them but the other people don't know that this day is going on they think that this day is a normal day.

EXTERNAL: Closer to the end of the book she try's to find out what has been happening. But in the beginning she just goes with the flow but it just kept annoying her she tried to change it but she couldn't change the day to go better. Climax The climax of this book is when Amanda starts trying to end this horrible day from going on again and again. Versimilitude Well this book is kinda realistic with having an 11th birthday but not because you can't have your birthday over and over again. But if you think you can see that this couldn't happen because how could you make your birthday go on and on. Connections Text to Text: There are books like this one like 12 finally and thirteen gifts I read 12 finally and I'm reading 13 gifts now the thing about these books they all have something in common like the characters or the settings. I like these books because they are interesting and leave you wondering when you stop reading there are other books that she has wrote like beauty and the beast, sleeping beauty and Rapunsel there are more books her. Characterization The protagonists are Amanda and Leo they are kinda round they
I can't really describe the Antagonist because it doesn't have feelings.
I think that this book is indirect characterization because Amanda is not talking strate to the audience Closing I rate this book 7 out of 10 because this book is interesting but it didn't really catch my eye I had to actually read a couple chapters just to get the eye catcher the thing that I like about the book.
I recommend this book to anyone that likes realistic fiction or fantasy I think it more be a girl book. This is the sequals of 11 birthdays THE END Thanks for watching my prezi Text to Self: I had my 11th birthday last year and it was awesome but i think that i wouldn't change anything but my attitude when i got my presents but I loved them all but I didn't show it that much when i got them the next birthday i have STEAL Amanda speaks like she knows everything but sometimes she speaks like she thinks she is popular.
Leo speaks like he isn't confident he is like he is kinda a geek in some ways but can be cool when he try's T
Amanda she reveals her thoughts more than Leo.
Leo he is more an inside person he doesn't share his feelings a lot he kinda keeps his feelings in. E
Amanda she can have a good effect on other people she has a lot of friends that help her get through this problem it is mostly Leo that helps her through this problem Text to Self : In this book Amanda and Leo have a fight and I had a fight with a friend and I didn't talk to that person unless I had to but we made up and we make up if we have a fight same with Leo and Amanda.
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