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IM not a COMMon Person

Rowdies Fall 2012 RoKS

Siri Vemuri

on 20 October 2012

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Transcript of IM not a COMMon Person

Rowdies Fall 2012 RoKS IM not a COMMon Person 14:30- Introductions
15:15- Comm National View and
16:00- Branding
16:30- Branding Activity
17:00- Podio
17:30- Synergy
19:30- ER: Target Markets
Comm: Social Media
20:30- Wrap-up

LCP Purdue
NST Public Relations
VP Comm
Old timer faci Meet your Facis... . . Siri Vemuri Stephen Gaschignard NST Social Media Comm Team Member in Madison Meet each other... You have 4 minutes to draw your own personal logo. It should reflect your personality, your interests, major or anything you want other people to know about you Why to engage
How to engage
What activities
When to run Global
Initiatives Specialised Local Activities Our Engagement Funnel AIESEC United States
Comm&Im Strategy Virtual Associate Membership
What might this look like? ? What
is engagement International Strategy for PR and Marketing AIESEC International Global Youth Culture Platform
What might this look like? Youth Empowerment Micro Experiences Specific Selling points and added value for country partners
Recruitment summer in the fall
Online Branding
Website improvement
Showcasing impact (videos – stories)
Social media connection
Summer opportunities (for Leaders) Make it stronger by INCREASING OUR REACH - Flo’s friends join AIESEC’s TMP program!! Micro Xp - Recommends AIESEC to his friends Associate Membership Provide a separate value proposition to ELD Youth Empowerment Associate Membership Micro Xp I AIESEC - LEAD for externals
- Global village
- Y2B - Youth to Leadership
- Youth to Global Issues -Short-term event/project volunteering
- Specific need-based volunteering
-Youth Leaders Council Youth Empowerment Associate Membership Micro Xp Principles & 7 Youth Leaders Councils Youth Empowerment 20,000 42 38 Youth to Business Associate membership What’s happening in the network? Short-term volunteer - Short-term volunteering
Reception for EPs
- 3 Leadership seminars Micro Xp - No time
- Lacks commitment
- Want to get involved Associate Membership How are we engaging young people? Customer Promoter To generate & WHY? takes an ELD programme A person who ELD
Customers Enable more people to experience AIESEC recommends AIESEC A person who Promoters Global Village Social media impact campaign AIESEC Conversations Marketing PR Overlapping Activities Micro
Xp ELD Programs Marketing Creating ELD Customers Activities @ Values Brand WHY,
WHAT of AIESEC Marketing PR Micro
Xp Associate
member Micro XP Creating Promoters ELD Programs Awards Inc. reputation Separate value proposition
to ELD directly drive
ppl to ELD TMP promotion Marketing PR Micro
Xp ELD Programs Join AIESEC! Creating Promoters ELD Programs Read
impact campaign PR Creating Promoters Incoming Exchange Rewards and Recognition Model for LCs Product Evolution for IT, universities, and manufacturing companies Re-raising and program enhancement based on feedback High Performing Sales Teams Reintegration
Seminars Outgoing
Seminars Website Improvement Quality
measurement and program enhancement based on feedback Ambassadors
Program Videos of showcasing impact Creating professional, country-specific marketing for OGX Outgoing Exchange CY-partner packaged products Fall + Spring Recruitment Diversified and improved marketing materials Touch Point Action Feelings Influenced You should join AIESEC I want to join AIESEC Actions Feelings ELD Customers Promoters Touch points Influenced ELD Programs Y2B
participant Enabling the individual to contribute to AIESEC. Providing value to the individual in the activity Understanding the value of AIESEC’s platform
(societal impact, personal & professional dev, Int. experience, Global network). AIESEC Values The Why, How & What of AIESEC (AIESEC Way) Young people are introduced to Our Purpose and Our Values. Aligning with: Youth Alliances Content-Driven Virtual Spaces Innovation Challenge A brand encompasses the concepts, ideas, and feelings that are associated with a particular company, product or organization.
Strong branding goes beyond just logos and taglines, but evokes a spirit and emotion towards the product. Orange has been phased out of the AIESEC brand and blue and white are now the official colors of AIESEC

All official colors can be found on the branding guidelines on myaiesec.net and the COMM/IM podio space

For online use (website, social media, blogging): use Helvetica or Verdana

For offline use (business cards, printed materials): use Arial Colors and Fonts Your local committee is a local operation or branch of AIESEC United States

You are NOT a student club or group at your university

DO NOT put your campus logo or name as a part of the AIESEC logo, you can have it below or next to it but never combined with it AIESEC in your University AIESEC is an organization that caters to many different markets (students, businesses, EP candidates)

When pitching AIESEC to a specific market, think about what is important and will interest them
Try not to confuse your audience by trying to explain all aspects of AIESEC in a single pitch Things to Keep in Mind: Walking Man Logo:
Supported internationally, should always be used when affiliated with AIESEC
AIESEC US cannot use the logo with the global descriptor below it
DO NOT change the coloring of the logos or add your university’s name as a part of the logo
All logos can be found on the logo guidebook on myaiesec.net Visual Brand Guidelines AIESEC is a student organization and our legitimacy depends on how professional externals view our organization

Businesses, students and EP candidates must buy into our brand

As AIESECers it is our job to act as BRAND AMBASSADORS for our organization and make sure that everything we do reflects positively on AIESEC Why is this Important? Branding is about connecting your idea to people on an individual level.
A strong brand should build a relationship with it’s audience.

For AIESEC, strong branding connects people to our product and mission. Some things to consider when developing the brand at your local level:
How do we want externals to view AIESEC?
What embodies the AIESEC spirit?
Why did you join your local committee?
What made you stay? AIESEC United States Branding Guidelines Always capitalized, unless referring to myaiesec.net or aieseconline.net
While originally an acronym, AIESEC has now since been adopted as the official name of the organization
Our impact: our international platform enables young people to explore and develop their leadership potential for them to have a positive impact on society AIESEC in writing ? then… What is a Brand? Know Your Market
Know Your Product
AIESEC in Numbers
Resources Effective Branding Is it a logo? What is a Brand? Marketing, Advertising, Branding, and PR…. Branding A Brand is more than a name or a logo

It is a promise, a contract with each of our stakeholders.

A brand cannot be created based on artificial definitions, but from the ideological concept of our organization Let's Create WORK WITH YOUR OGX, ICX, and TM TEAMS! Utilizing Market Research for Effective Branding Know Your Product Know Your Market
Know Your Product
AIESEC in Numbers
Resources Effective Branding Are we showcasing our benefits through our promotional materials?
Adapt benefits to target audience
Set the right expectations to attract the right people
NEVER promise something that you can not deliver How to sell the AIESEC Product Why we work so hard ?
Partners and trainee taker testimonials
Why partners love working with AIESEC
International talent
Why AIESEC?  Unique value proposition Know Your Market:
Our Partners
Blogs: Exchange Participant stories and testimonials
Panelist events of Exchange Participant
Include Exchange Participant stories in newsletters Why is it important to share your story? Know Your Market:
Exchange Participants Showcase the impact of Internship opportunities

EP stories and testimonials
Partners/Companies and the impact of a trainee
Global Village- Media partners
Video Campaign Know Your Market:
Exchange Participants Remind members why they are part of AIESEC

AIESEC moments
Alumni = Product of AIESEC experience
TMP + TLP: Providing members with a value
Global network Know Your Market:
Members Know your stakeholders
Know your product
Set the RIGHT message and expectations

Effective Branding Achieved! Remember! International Internships?

Leadership Development?

Cultural Diversity?

etc… What is the AIESEC Product? How effective is our branding?

Brand Audit Survey! Know Your Market:
Branding Recruitment

Social media Know Your Market:
Potential Members Know Your Market Who are our stakeholders?
Potential Members
Exchange Participants
University other AIESEC members also! or ask your VP, LCP, NST, MC! Where do we find these information or any other branding material? Resources http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CSYxDz22DqY

How would you develop a campaign for your LC?
To promote ICX?
To promote OGX?
To promote AIESEC Membership? Example – VW Twitter Campaign Social Media Landscape Which social media channels are the most relevant?
How much content passes through Facebook each day? Twitter? YouTube?
What do you think consumers trust more? Producer-distributed advertising and information or peer review and word of mouth?
Social Media Revolution Video [2011] Social Media Revolution! Takeaways Create a plan and stick to it
Have a dedicated community manager
Set goals and track results
Create a voice and update consistently
Experiment and try new things Analytics Software and applications
Twitter & Facebook  Hootsuite
Scheduling & Analytics  Buffer.app
Twitter Desktop Application  Tweetdeck
Sync Facebook and Twitter posts
Expert advice
News and Media, e.g. Mashable Social Media
Articles and Books, e.g. “Likeable Social Media”
Relevant Blogs, e.g. Facebook Developer Blog Social Media Tools Have a dedicated community manager
Focus your efforts, don’t overextend!
Plan ahead!
Use available tools
Pay attention to trends
Be flexible & experiment
Track results & record data
Analyze data Strategize! Activity Investigate your LC’s social media platform
Which outlets does it use?
What strategies does it employ?
What do you like?
What do you dislike?

How would you improve your LC’s strategy? Example Brainstorm:

What makes this post …

relevant? Have Social Media just to have it!
Be generic or irrelevant
Be repetitive
Discuss internal information
Not track your posts
Not post regularly
Not respond to posts
Be unprofessional Social Media DONT’s Raise awareness
Advertise AIESEC’s products
Engage and interact with customers
Attract members and non-members
Educate customers and members
Be relevant! How? Growth of interaction
More engagement with customers!
Marketing for ICX and OGX
Higher numbers of EPs and TNs!
Strengthen the image of AIESEC!
Showcase AIESEC
Show what AIESEC does! Goals AIESEC US on Twitter
July 1st, 2012  1,582 Twitter Followers
September 23rd, 2012  1,746 Twitter Followers
GROWTH: +10.3% in less than 3 months! AIESEC US in Social Media Example – AIESEC San Francisco Example – AIESEC Germany Cater your message
Actively engage
Always respond
Always update
Be relevant
Be creative
Run campaigns
Reward your audience Social Media DO’s AIESEC US on Facebook:
July 1st, 2012  7,355 Facebook Fans
September 23rd, 2012  8,144 Facebook Fans
GROWTH: +10.4% in less than 3 months! AIESEC US in Social Media What Social Media? Facebook
Quality content, strategically timed
Frequent tweets, constant information stream
Usage of hashtags and mentions
What other channels? Reach Beyond Geographical Limits Do-It-Yourself Interact with your Customers Build your Brand Build Relationships Immediate Targeted Free Why Social Media? Take notes & add comments!
Look at reasons WHY to explain behavior
What TYPE of post?
WHEN was it posted?
WHAT was the content?
WHO was targeted?
Notice and keep track of trends & consistent behavior! Tracking Other Analytics Tools:

Google Analytics
Visible Data  Total number of Likes,
Followers Analytics What do I post? Pictures
Photos from an exchange or an event
Images to prompt discussion
On leadership, travel tips, inspiration, etc.
EP videos
TED Talks
News & Updates
STAY RELEVANT! in what ways can we maximize our usage of all the social media we have access to ? Functional Sweep with Corrie from Kansas [Michigan] Communications in AIESEC United States - what was YOUR takeaway from the session ?

please fill out the evaluation form and give feedback on this session so we can improve it for RoKS to come ! bringing it back marketing


knowledge management

team support the AIESEC brand

social media

internal communications

external relations what do we DO ? tools training
maximized usage of social media
external relations weaknesses as a region ? enthusiastic & driven members
close-knit region ; GCPs !
growing knowledge pipeline

ON THE RISE ! strengths as a region ? the AIESEC brand

social media

internal communications

external relations marketing


knowledge management

team support what do we DO ? social media planning & reaching out to specific audiences Strategic & Target Marketing group up with your LC members to come up with a marketing plan for the remainder of the semester !

focus areas :
- EP recruitment [synergy]
- TMP for next semester LC planning how do we maximize the viewing of our promotional materials ?

what are the best ways to tap into the hotspot's potential ? identifying & utilising our hotspots the brand experience

influence print
person to person
online & social media
web pages marketing & pr to stress the importance of what information you convey to your audience

to identify the opportunities at the university and in the area

getting excited to plan & market for the rest of the semester and winter peak ! session goals what competencies are we looking for ?

how do we market implicitly & explicitly to these skills ?

tracking effectiveness & ROI of target marketing marketing to the competencies we want [need] group 2 : fink DEEP
- get instructions from Corrie group 1 : a DEEP look
- get instructions from Luchi group activity time !
2 groups, a partner from each side all in the details ; conveying the important stuff
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