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Research project

Woojin Song

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Pi

Pi By: Toby and Woojin Pi Irrational
Number Unknown
Variable 3.14 sssssssssss The rough estimate of pi Comlicated Pie Pi Homophones Starts with p Has an i Food Sweet Tasty Math
Term Geometrical TT Confusing Pi is a unknown variable
that helps you find the area
and circumference of a circle
and is roughly estimated to 3.14 Pi Pi is an irrational number
Pi is important in
mathematics Important in
finding the area
and circumference
of a circle Radius x 2 TT =circumference Radius x Radius TT = Area Pi comes from
a Greek letter TT Facts about pi:

Pi is an irrational number

Pi isn't edible

Pi is roughly estimated to be 3.14

Pi is an unknown variable

TT Pictures
of Pi Bibliography

Toby and Woojin's
knowledge Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!!!
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