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RAPPS Rights!

No description

Adam Schechter

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of RAPPS Rights!

RAPPS Rights!
P - Press
P - Petition
You can give government officials your opinion and ask them to take action to solve problems. This includes all types of protests.
A - Assembly
People can gather to peacfully protest or celebrate together. Think about how school "assemblies" get students together.
R - Religion
People can practice any religion they want or have no religion at all.
The government cannot sponsor or make people join any religion.
14th Amendment
There are two parts to the 14th Amendment:
S - Speech
Many of your rights are listed in the Bill of Rights: The first 10
to the

1st Amendment:
lists five freedoms you use all the time.
: A document that creates a structure of government.
: A Change to the Constitution.
Newspapers, TV, Radio, Internet, and other media can discuss whatever they want and can criticize the government.
People can express themselves however they want! It isn't limited to what you say. This includes, art, music, what you wear, and any other way to express yourself.
It defines citizenship: being natural born or going through naturalization.
Protects you against unfair government action.
It says that
must treat everyone fairly!
Remember: While rights cannot be taken away, they can be limited in some situations -- you can't violate the rights of someone else.
RAPPS Contest

You will be assigned a particular RAPPS right to work on as a group.
Your goal is to make a presentation or create a video that best exemplifies that right.
The entries will be judged by another class to find a winner.
You can make a display, create a skit, make a Prezi, design a poster, or anything else you can think of.
Be creative!
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