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Evolution Of Jordans

No description

Corey Williams

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Evolution Of Jordans

Over years technology has changed many many times from those huge block phones to little number phones to cell phone to what we call now androids and i phones.
In the years of 1900 they made another better automobile that might be way better than the last with more things
Lol i Know every body remembers those huge cameras from early 2000's i remember taking a picture and than that picture slides out from the bottom. But now its getting better, now we have digital cameras and phones with cameras that we love to use.
In 1886 the world made the very first automobile It was ugly but classic. it didnt have nothing fancy or any technology devices.
in the 1930s they made a even better car that might shock the world but NOPE! Think again.
Now this is what i call a car this is what really shocked the world like you cant beat the price on this car and it has the most updated technology.
This is only the middle lol if technology keeps moving forward there is almost no way that in 2020 that cars will be off the ground but just keep it up.
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