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Copy of Institutions

Year 10 Media Studies - Key Concepts of Media

Sarah Cullum

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Copy of Institutions

Institutions Starter LEARNING OBJECTIVE: By the end of
the lesson, you will understand what a media institution is, and be able to analyse how and why regulation is needed. To leave the
classroom... What is a media institution? Thursday 13th October 2011 Logos TV ads Why were these TV
advertisements banned? Conglomerates ASA Advertising Standards Agency

WHAT DOES THE ASA DO? Debate! Should media texts be censored at all? Complete the wordsearch of
key media terminology

5 merits for the first person to finish! Recap Target audience
Questions - post-its Can you give me an example? Activity Extension: Give an
example of a media product
that each of them has
produced. In your books, write the name of the institution that each logo belongs to Branding After lunch...
Banned TV advertisements

Watch the following TV ad. After lunch I will ask you these questions:

1. WHY was it banned?
2. WHO banned it? you must tell me the name
of a media institution! CASE STUDY: Rupert Murdoch What are media conglomerates? A media CONGLOMERATE is a company that owns large numbers of companies in various mass media such as television, radio, publishing, movies, and the Internet.

Media conglomerates have a lot of control of the media markets across the globe. Can you think of any examples? The Walt Disney Company is the largest media conglomerate in the world (in terms of revenue).
Disney owns:

Walt Disney Motion Pictures (film studio)
The Disney Channel
14 theme parks around the world How about this?

20th Century FOX - Avatar, Star Wars, Ice Age, X-Men, The Simpsons

FOX TV channels - FOX news, FOX movie channel

FOX Broadcasting Company - Glee, American X Factor, Family Guy

BSkyB - Sky TV and movie channels

Print media - Harper Collins, The Times, The Sun... and until recently... News Corporation Founder and CEO of News Corporation
Been listed among the most influential people in the world
News Corporation bought the NOTW in 1969 (been running since 1843).
News of the World had a reputation for exposing celebrities as drug users and criminals, using undercover journalists. Phone Hacking An established, profit based organisation/company
that creates and distributes media products. Why do all media
companies have a logo? What is a 'brand'? Media Branding WHO banned
them? The ASA is here to
make sure all
advertisements are
legal, decent,
honest and truthful.
Magazine and newspaper advertisements
Radio and TV and cinema commercials
Television Shopping Channels
Posters, leaflets and brochures
Advertisements on the Internet
Commercial e-mail and SMS text message ads
Ads on CD ROMs, DVD and videos
They also regulate sales promotions, such as special offers, prize draws and competitions wherever they appear. Regulation What do we mean
by regulation? Regulation is... The ASA regulates... A graphic representation of the company
Brand establishment
First impressions
Easy to recognise
(in the same way TV and radio ads use annoying
More chance that it will be remembered Why? Examples... BBC, Channel 4, ITV, HMV,
Microsoft, Universal, Sony. ...monitoring advertisements, protecting consumers from innapropriateness or unsuitable ads.

Regulation creates a level playing field for advertisers. So what does the ASA regulate? CENSORSHIP What is media censorship? Before you go... Media censorship is
the suppression
of media texts/advertisements
which may be considered
harmful, sensitive or
to the audience. Why is censorship
necessary in the media? Who censors media? Write the following things on your post-it note:

1. The name of a media institution
2. The name of a conglomerate
3. What does ASA stand for?
4. Three different movie ratings
British Board of Film Classification
Advertising Standards Agency
Internet Watch Foundation
Ofcom (mainly TV and radio)
Revelation that a private investigator hired by the NOTW had intercepted and deleted the voicemail of missing British teenager Milly Dowler, who was later found murdered.

The scandal deepened when the paper was alleged to have hacked into the phones of families of British service people killed in action.

The News of the World was announced to be closed on 7th July 2011. A name, term, design or symbol that identifies a company's service or product and makes it stand out from those of other sellers.
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