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Climate Prezi

No description

Brooke Bowers

on 18 May 2017

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Transcript of Climate Prezi

Cancun, Mexico
21.1619 N, 868515 W
Current Weather Averages
September has the highest amounts of precipitation with 270mm of rain. The average amount yearly is 1003mm
Altitude and Topgraphy
Cancun, Mexico is at sea level at most parts, however some parts of Cancun are 33 feet above seal level.
Climate impact
Cancun is very humid due to being so close to three seas. The oceans can get up to 80 degrees fahrenheit making the water reflection make the city hotter than it already is.
Cancun is a flat and arid place, with large semi-tropical forests. Surrounded by three sides of warm tropical seas
Climate Prezi
Brooke Bowers
In a high,semi-desert area od Mexico iguanas, viper snakes, and scorpions live on the ground, while huge birds of prey are up in the sky. Cardon cactus is the tallest cactus in the world. Mesquite trees also play a big role in plant life.
The average number of sunny days
The average daily humidity is 73%
Summer high: 100 degrees Fahrenheit
Summer low: 62 degrees Fahrenheit
Winter high: 92 degrees Fahrenheit
Winter low: 53 degrees Fahrenheit

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula, a flat platform of Limestone. No hills. The soil is not very thick so the vegatation is arid.
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