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Chantel Tran

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of China

Holidays and Festivals
Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year is not on January 1st like how New Year Eve is in Canada. The Chinese people use a calendar called the lunar calendar. It follows the cycle of the Moon to tell what time of the year it is. Chinese New Year is always in January or February.
Before Chinese New Year start, the Chinese people clean their house to welcome the good luck. They do NOT clean during Chinese New Year. If so, they would be "sweeping away" the good luck.
Many people wear new clothes or dress up during Chinese New Year, particularly red clothing. Many children receive lucky money in red envelopes. People set off firecrackers and fireworks, visit the temple, and watch a dragon or/and lion parade.
Chinese New Year last for 3 days and is also known as the Spring Festival.
Chinese New Years is celebrated in many different place. Picture above is a dragon dance that takes place in Cambodia.
Lantern Festival
The Lantern Festival is on the 15th day of the
1st month and is celebrated at night. There are many lanterns that are in different size and shapes, hung and placed around the street and homes. Children carry lanterns in a parade and traditional dancing and singing are done. Special food are also prepared like sweet dumplings.
Beautiful lanterns take off
into the night sky.
Dragon Boat Race
On the 5th day of the 5th month of the Chinese calendar, the Dragon Boat Festival takes place. That would be in May or June here in Canada. People race through the water in long, colourful boats that looks like dragons. While on the shore, many spectators watches the big race. The Dragon Boat Festival is to honor the dragons, who were believed to have control over the water and rainfall. You could see the dragon boat race here in Toronto, at Centre Island.
Here you can see the great dragon
boat race!
Mid-Autumn Festival
The Mid-Autumn Festival, which is also called the Moon Festival, is on the 15th day of the 8th month. Which would be in August or September.
The Moon Festival is an evening celebration. Families are gathered and light lanterns. They eat moon cake together and appreciate the bright, round moon. The moon is brightest and roundest on that day.
The Moon Festival is to celebrate the mid-Autumn harvest and to honor the Moon Lady.
The Moon Festival is about spending time with your family.
Delicious moon cakes!
Counting to Ten!
(In Cantonese)
Official name: The People's Republic of China
Capital city: Beijing (once called Peking)
Current President: Xi Jinping
Government type: Communist
# Of provinces: 34
By Chantel Tran
Hong Kong is part of China but has a different system. It is one of the Special Administrative Region
(S.A.R), basically one country two systems.
Big Two or Choi Dai Di (Card Game)
Give out cards to everyone until there are no more cards. Jokers are not needed. (4 players = 13 cards each)
In this game, 2 spade is the biggest while 3 diamond is the smallest. From greatest to least, spade, hearts, clubs, and diamonds.
Whoever has the smallest card may go first, but they must put down their smallest card. They can put down:
single (e.g. a 3)
pairs (e.g. two queens)
triplets (e.g. 3 kings)
five (lowest to greatest):
Straight (snake) : Five cards in a sequence, but not the same suit. The greatest straight would be a J-Q-K-A-2 while the smallest would be a 3-4-5-6-7
Flush (flower) : Five cards that are the same suit but not in a sequence.
Full House : When there is a triplet and a pair together. The greatest full house would be a 2-2-2-A-A.
Four of a Kind : Four cards of the same face with any other card. The greatest four of a kind would be a 2-2-2-2-3 (As long as there are 4 cards)
Straight Flush: Five cards in a sequence and have the same suit.
Thirteen (Instant win if you're going first) :
Pure Dragon : When you have all 13 cards in a sequence but not the same suit.
Suited Dragon (Grand Dragon) : When you have 13 cards of the same suit and obviously, in a sequence.
The next person needs to put down the same amount of cards and must be a higher value. If one can't go or doesn't want to go, the person can say "Pass" or knock on the table.
The goal of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards.
It is both a casual and gambling game.
There are many version of this story. So I shall tell you the
very first version I have read.
A long time ago, there were ten suns.
These suns were children of Di Jun, the god of the Eastern sky. Everyday, they would take turns walking across the sky to bring light and warmth to the Earth. But they became tired and bored of seeing the same path they walk by themselves. So one day, the ten suns decided to walk together across the sky.
The Earth cracked and burned. The forests burned down. The rivers dried out. And all the animals and humans weaken. But the tens suns took no notice. They laugh and continues to enjoy themselves.
Shun, the great emperor cried for mercy. Di Jun hearing his cried, sent a great archer to stop the suns from destroying the Earth, Hou Yi.
Hou Yi shot 9 suns and left a sun to brighten the
world. The emperor was pleased. He granted Hou Yi
with 2 bottle of elixir of immortality.
Hou Yi and his wife, Chang-Er, planned to drink it together but the emperor needed Hou Yi. So Hou Yi quickly went to the emperor side.
Hou Yi was gone for many months, with Chang-Er by herself. She couldn't wait much longer. Chang-Er drank the elixir of immortality and became very beautiful. Out of curiosity and greed, Chang-Er drank the other elixir. She suddenly started to fly to the moon.
Chang-Er would forever live on the moon with a rabbit as a companion. (The rabbit of The Legend of the Jade Rabbit)
Samuel Hui
Samuel (Sam) Hui was a famous Cantonese pop singer, song writer, and actor. He was born in Guangzhou, Guangdong on September 6th, 1948. His name was given by his maternal (from mother side) grandfather.
Sam is the forth child of his family. He has three older brothers and a younger sister. When he was 2 years old, he moved to Hong Kong, in the poorest region of Diamond Hill, settling in a small hut. Sam's father worked hard to support his family. He sold air conditioners, worked as a hotel staff, anything to earn some money. Although they were poor, Sam's father often reminded them to study hard and be a person who do one's best for the better. The Hui brothers enjoyed music and acting at a young age. Their father played the violin to past time and their mother enjoyed Cantonese opera. The Hui brothers also liked to perform skits of their own to entertain the children from the neighbourhood. All the Hui brothers end up working for the entertainment industry, except for the second son
When Sam entered high school, the Hui family moved to a better house. His childhood life went by quickly. In 1964, at the age of 16, Sam and a group of friends formed a band called Harmonicks. Sam was the bass guitarist and the main vocalist. They would perform in hotels and in Rediffusion Television (RTV) program part-time. They later disbanded. Sam joined another band called Bar Six. He began to perform in a hotel basement bar called Fire Cracker. With Sam as the main vocalist, Bar Six changed their name to Lotus Flower in 1966.
In a hotel called Grotto where he was performing, 18-years old Sam met Philippine-American Rebecca (Rebu) Fleming, a 14-years-old girl who went to Hong Kong as a holiday. They hit it off well and started going out. But Rebecca had to go back to USA and so they started a long-distanced relationship, often writing letters to each other.
The Lotus later were signed by Diamond Records and recorded their first two songs, "Just a Little" and "I'll Be Waiting". Sam Hui entered University of Hong Kong to study psychology in 1969. After The Lotus contract with Diamond Records was completed, the band disband due to the workload. Sam signed with Polydor Records as a solo artist, in 1970. Michael Hui, Sam's big brother, created a family entertained program in 1971. Sam would also perform some songs (English/Cantonese) for each episodes. His first Cantonese song was also debuted on this program with great feedback. This encourage Sam to write more Cantonese songs.
One of The Lotus first record.
Sam Hui on the top. I think the top right.
23 year-old Sam, who graduated, and 19 year-old Rebu, got married on December 30th, 1971, in California, USA. The young couple returned to Hong Kong and settled down after the wedding. Sam wrote another song called "A Carnation For Rebu" to express his love for his bride. He has also recorded it for his second single, April Lady. Sam continues to rise in the entertainment industry.
In 1976, Sam has become a father of Ryan Hui, born on September 3. Two years later, Sam was given a very special Valentine's gift on February 14, which was the birth of Scott Hui. Sam continues to release songs and movies. Until 1991, Sam's father has passed away. A year later, Sam's mother was injured in a car accident.
Sam's view of life dramatically changed. He felt that he should spend more time with his family and so he retired being a superstar. Instead, he wrote songs for other singers. In 1993, Sam went back to his hometown, where his last concert took place.
In 2003, Hong Kong was in a state of sadness. The disease, Sars has broke out in Hong Kong, following along with the death of Leslie Cheung, Lam Jun Kern and Anita Mui. Sam made an effort to cheer up Hong Kong. He wrote a song called "04 Bless You" and sang the song with many young singer.
After 12 years in retirement, Sam returned to the light and held several concerts in June 2004. Both old and young, lining up for hours to purchase these tickets. Sam has also started his own production company, "Graceland". He continues to make a comeback and surprises his fan.
Sam Hui performing in his 2012 concert.
My favourite song sung by Sam Hui
Last night at the Tokyo Dept. Store,
I spotted a Japanese doll,
Her eyes were super big,
She had a very small chin,
She kind of looks like Akina Nakamori for real,
Super cute,
Authentic Japanese
I needed to put on my best game so
I spent a ton of money,
It was important to appear dashing , romantic and charming,
I looked so cool after putting on the purple sunglasses,
150lbs of handsome, I got this in the bag
Hello good evening,
How are you Miss?
I am Hong Kong's Matchy,
(he's saying that he's the HK version of a Japanese pop star, Matchy Kondo)
You're very cute,
Using Japanese to friend her,
Japanese Doll
English lyrics
We jumped into my Toyota and went out on a Happy (a date),
We were having a lot of fun at dinner dancing to Casablanca,
I was so happy I even jumped on stage to sing Careless Whispers,
Then we strolled under the moon and I started to imagine our future,
Once I marry the Doll my whole life will change,
She'll be doing the laundry, making
soup, massages and pouring tea,
1997? I don't have to worry!
Save up some money and open a sushi Bar,
We went for a late dinner and I
ordered Tempura,
She ordered a bunch of stuff and was very satisfied,
The bill blew my savings: $395,
She giggled and said, "Thank you very much."
When we went out to the lobby we bumped into her Japanese Father,
His eyes were wide open with rage and he yelled, "What is this?!"
His daughter wasn't even 16 and a half yet this year,
He challenged me with his 10 Slice Sword technique,
Sayonara that's how you say Goodbye la!
Thanks thanks thanks Monica,
I searched my pocket and found less than a dollar,
What a bad investment, this time I crapped out!
The Moon Lady's Legend
The giant pandas is an endangered animal
in China.
Li Di
Li Di was born in 1163, during the Song Dynasty. He was born in He Yang (now Meng County, Henan Province). Li Di was a imperial court painter. Some people believed that he was executed in 1197.
One of Li Di's work, Red and White Cotton Roses. It is currently in Tokyo National Museum.
The Great Wall of China
The great wall of China is a WHS (World Heritage Site). It has been build over 2000 years ago and it is now about 50 000 km long. It is not a single, continuous wall but a bunch of disconnect wall segment. More than one million people died while building it, and was therefore called "the longest cemetery on earth". The stones were not made out of human bones but made is really made up of rice flours. The great wall was built to protect China from being raid by other countries. It started off a a lot shorter than it is now, but then different emperors ordered it to be extend. The emperor that ordered the great wall to be built was Emperor Qin Shihuang.
The great wall of China can be seen from space, but not from the moon.
My version.
- Starts with letter "C"
- In the top 5 biggest countries
- Has the colour red in the flag
- member of the United Nations
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