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ancent rome

a short presintation about rome.

brittney cropper

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of ancent rome

Ancent Rome geography Rome was founded on a peninsula(like Greece) Alps mountains seperated rome from Europe. the red is the Alps mountain range. Formed on the banks of the tiber river. Founding of Rome There are two myths. The first myth was that a guy with the name Aeneas,he escaped from troy after its defeat by the greeks in the trojan war.Aneas traveled until he reached latium. There, he married a latin princess and founded a town near the mouth of the Tiber river.Eventually hes descendants founded Rome. The second myth was about two of Aeneas descendants, a pair of twins named Romulus and Remus. This myth has to do with two greek and roman. Romulus and Remus's dad was the god of mars. There jealous uncle had the babies placed in a basket placed down the tiber river. The boys were saved from deth by a she-wolf and then raised by a shepherd. When they were older Romulus and remus set out and found a new city.They could not agree on what the best location was. In the heat of what was going on romulus killed remus. He then found rome on a palatine hill, naming the city after him sealf and becoming the first king of rome. Poor get more powerful patricians- represented the upper class of roman society
plebians-common people of rome. Twelve tables-romes first written law. Tribune- the top officials of the plebeian assemble. Republic-a government in witch citizens have a right vote and elict officials The roman republic Tripartite-a three part government. MagistrateThe main officials of the roma republic. Assembly- In the tribal assembly the plebeians were in charge. Senate-The senate represented the tradition of oligarchy. Groth of the republic Rome used diplomacy Rome had a perfessional military. Tactics- A method used to achieve a goal The roman legion was the basic unit of the roman army. Up to 5,000 citizens served in a legon. This is where the assembly met.
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