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The one and only Ivan

No description

johnathan reed

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of The one and only Ivan

The one and only Ivan
Rising Action
On Ruby's first day of training Mack whips her with a claw stick, and Ruby hits him with her trunk.
A visitor comes to the mall and she is a newsreporter. She takes a picture of the clawstick. Protesters pile up outside of the mall trying to free Ruby of the beatings. Julias dad gets fired for putting up the billboard, and Ruby and Ivan get takesaway leaving Bob behind.
Falling Action
~Ivan is kept in a small room with a tv
~Ivan tells his life story to the other gorillas
Book By: Kathrine Applegate
Project By: Spencer Kim and Johnathan Reed
~Point of view: Ivan
~Main characters: Ivan, Stella, Ruby, Bob, Julia (human), and Mack (human).
~Inciting Incident: Stella dies of a foot infection and Ruby the new elephant comes.
~Setting: Exit 8 Big Top mall, Ivan's cage,
~Conflict: man vs society
Ivan paints a picture of Ruby and him, and Julia and mac put it on the billboard.
Mack starts to have buisness again
~On the TV everyday there is a family of gorillas, and he is fasinated
~After a couple of days, the people pull the curtain back and Ivan meets the gorilla family
~They let him socialize with the family then has to go back inside
~He makes a friend named Kinyani
~Later he learns to be a gorilla again
~He looks over the zoo to see ruby playing with the other elephants
~Julia visits Ivan and she adopts Bob, and Julias dad gets a job at the zoo
~Ivan has fulfilled his promise to Stella, taking Ruby to a better place, and Ivan lives his life in peace
Theme song
The book flashed back to when Ivan was with Mack in his home, it tell that Ivan was like his son and tells that Mack use to have a wife. Ivan would go with Mack every where, like the drive thru.
This story is man vs socioty, beacause in the story Mack was in jepordy of losing his circus, because the people were trying to get Ruby free and Ruby and Ivan were in jepordy of going somewhere else.
My theme of the story is to always keep your promise. In the story Ivan kept his promise to Stella and never broke it. He never gave up on it and eventually Ivan made the promise happen.
I pick the song Don't You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia as my theme song, beacause its like his dad in the song is promising him he has a play for him and not to worry, like what Ivan said to Ruby.
The main charcters were: Ivan the gorilla at the circus, Stella the elaphant that died, Ruby the new eleaphant that replaced Stella, Bob the dog, Mack the owner of the circus, Julia a kid who saw Ivans painting and the security guards kid, and the security guard
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