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WGS 240 PBPV & Green Dots

No description

Kayce Matthews

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of WGS 240 PBPV & Green Dots

✔ Listen as a bystander ✔ Connect to recipient or offender or both STRANGERS physical, sexual, or psychological harm, or threat of harm, by a current or former partner. Any sexual contact that lacks consent and/or capacity to give consent. Bystander Dynamics Check Your
Understanding WGS 240 Power-Based Personal Violence 1. Take a second look

2. Check in

3. What if it were someone I loved?
Higher levels of gratuitous violence
More likely to use a weapon course of conduct targeted at an individual or group that would cause a reasonable person to feel afraid (following, facebooking, texting, calling, unwanted letters, gifts, etc.) Target Selection
younger, drunk, easily controlled
Approach and Evaluation
builds trust, "nice guy," fills drink, tests
questions, isolates from friends, guilt
Consenting or Pressured Sex
aggressive, guilt, manipulative Intimidation
increased aggression, force, no longer "nice guy"
Sexual Violation
aggression, self-absorbed
ensure no consequences, "nice guy," blame, threaten Termination
Alcohol...offenders best friend
Ability to resist is reduced
Less likely to report
Moves blame from offender
to victim Bystander Dynamics

Peer Influence

Personal I'm an introvert
I can't stand conflict
I'm shy
I hate calling attention to myself
It's not my concern
I don't want to get involved Diffusion of Responsibility
Evaluation Apprehension
Pluralistic Ignorance
Cause of Misfortune
Helping Model Direct
Delegate Practice
Skills Thank you for being here today!
www.vanderbilt.edu/greendots How Can You Get Involved? Display a button or cling; add Green Dots logo to website/e-mail signature
Tailored content from Green Dots for your organization
Attend a Bystander Workshop: 3 hours tful Diffusion of Responsibility Statistics Red Dots at Vanderbilt In a recent survey of
Resident Assistants,
over 1/3 of respondents
indicated experience with
residents going through
PBPV situations. National Rates of Sexual Assault National Institute of Justice:
1 in 5 women are victims of completed or attempted sexual assault while in college
6.1% of males were victims of completed or attempted sexual assault during college
US Department of Justice:
Only 5% of victims come forward on college campuses
Dr. David Lisak:
9 out of 10 rapes committed by serial perpetrators
Only about 6% of reports are false Proactive vs Reactive
Green Dots Green Dots are individual choices-that meet
in a shared vision-creating the momentum
of a social movement
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