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Join in the Co-Creation of Local Food Systems and Regenerative Land Management Designs

A case for continued education, design generation, and project implementation.

Jd Burnette

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Join in the Co-Creation of Local Food Systems and Regenerative Land Management Designs

My Education
My Current Endeavors
The Firefly Gathering
will teach me applicable, hands-on primitive skills. I'll be able to attend 8 classes over the gathering but the opportunity to network with people in my area and trade notes abound.

Online Permaculture Design Certificate Course
with Geoff Lawton
Tiliapia Breeding & Gardening
webinars by Jon Musser of Aquaponics and Earth
You Can Farm
By Joel Salatin, Presented with Verge Permaculture
Web Mentors
Authors of Note for Future Study
Jack Spirko of
The Survival Podcast
Paul Wheaton the
Duke of Permaculture
Murray Hallam of
Practical Aquaponics
Diego Footer of
Permaculture Voices
Patryk Battle of
Living Web Farms
Classes and Certifications
Mark Shepard, Author of
Restoration Agriculture
Ben Falk, Author of
The Resilient Farm and Homestead
Darren Doherty, Author of The Regraian's Handbook
mob grazing, not feed lots

So I guess You could call me a Caver
Hello, I'm J.D. Burnette and I am from Tennessee
Our climate in the South East US is not that far from that of the Loess Plateau in China. With proper management, we can correct the mistakes that have already been made.
Possibilities with Permaculture
Steps for Success
Skill Sharing at It's Finest in the Mountains of Asheville, NC!
Some of the other speakers include: Nadia Lawton, Larry Santoyo, Rob & Michelle Avis, Mark Shepard, Greg Judy, Sarah Aubrey, Jack Spirko, Peter Hirst, Mitra Sticklen, Javan Bernkevitch, and Paul Kersley
Geoff Lawton
Toby Hemenway
Paul Wheaton
Allan Savory
Michael Pollan
Joel Salatin
Dr. Elaine Ingham
Diversification, Protection, Carbon Sequestration
Ecological Diversity
polycultures not monocultures
perennials not annuals
Health and Fitness
Local Food
Regional Awareness
A place worth visiting
"Land Transformation with Swale Building." Ben Falk's "The Resilient Farm and Homestead," 92-93 17
Design becoming reality. In the desert no less!
Successional Time Yields
Multiple Layer Yields
Bio Char
Aquapoinc Tanks
Hugelkultur Garden Construction
Join in the Co-Creation of Local Food Systems and Regenerative Land Management Designs
I invite you to check out the rewards section, and to share this campaign. This dream can be a reality for us, as well as for future generations.
A case for continued education, design generation, and project implementation
Care for the Earth. This includes living and nonliving things like land, water, animals, air, etc.
Care for people. Self reliance and community responsibility are a must.
Return the surplus. This means to pass on anything exceeding our needs back to the earth or to other people for their benefit.
"The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existance and that of our children. Principle of co-operation, not competition is the basis of existing life forms and of future survival."
-Bill Mollison

Grow Your Dream: Farmyard Bootcamp
by Stacey Murphy known by many as Brooklyn's backyard farmer
Commercial Aquaponics Seminar
Presented by Charli Sholtz of UVI, Mary Hodges of UT, & Joel Towensend of Greater Growth.

• Permaculture design creates productive, regenerative, ecologically diverse systems that work with nature rather than against it.
Positive Environmental Change
"Permaculture has also gone into the macrospace to degraded areas where broad acre systems have broken down. A prime example is the Loess Plateau in China, 35,000 square meters completely rehabilitated. The water cycle was cleaned up, erosion reduced and production from land trebled on 40 percent of landscape. Award winning filmmaker John D Lui has documented this amazing recovery project which" you can watch on YouTube here:
http://youtu.be/FYCARwFRN9g" (4)

We will be creating the designs that allow land owners to apply and implement productive, perennial based food systems along with holistic livestock management to produce beyond organic food with minimal input and maximum output.
Thank you for Watching
Music Credits:
Emancipator -
"Elephant Survival"
Thank you
to the many
Geoff Lawton
Ben Falk
Diego Footer
Oliver Asselin
Chuck Sutherland
Matt Tomlinson
Natalie Pheasant
Stacey Murphy
Michael Hill
James Samuel
Clayton Garr
Brian Miller
Cindy Tanner
Stretch Goals for lots of Hands-On
WWOOF - Australia
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