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Who was Cuc Lam?

No description

Gabrielle Lazorka

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Who was Cuc Lam?

Why did she end up in Australia?
Cuc Lam ended her journey in Australia, she was in the Malaysian refugee camp for 5 weeks getting health checks to see if they could live in another country. A letter arrived stating that Cuc Lam and her husband were allowed to come to Australia to live there with her husband, they left on the 16th of June, 1978.
When did Cuc Lam Arrive here?
There is no exact date Cuc Lam mentioned but she arrived in Australia during 1978 the same year she and Minh left Vietnam.
Who was Cuc Lam?
Cuc Lam escaped from Vietnam in May 1978, with her husband, to escape the Vietnamese War. She spent time in a refugee camp in Malaysia before gaining a refugee visa for Australia. Cuc Lam is a now famous person for giving up a precious possession and buying a suitcase...
Why was she a Refugee?
Cuc Lam was a refugee because she fled her country to live in a more safe and peaceful environment with her husband. her parents told her to flee to a safer place, Australia. the Vietnamese war brought many dangers to the country.
Where did she go after Fleeing Vietnam?
After fleeing Vietnam, Cuc Lam was left on a boat that was hardly sea-worthy, stranded in the Indonesian waters. The Indonesian Army Officers then picked up Cuc Lam and her husband, Huu Minh and took them to a Refugee camp to stay at for some time.
Cuc Lam, a Refugee...
Where did she go after Fleeing Vietnam?
Why did Cuc Lam only have one small suitcase on her arrival?
Cuc lam arrived in Australia with he suitcase because she used a wedding ring to buy it so she could carry more of the precious belongings she had brought. this suitcase is now a national treasure in the Victoria Museum.
What has Happened to her in Australia?
Cuc lam bow has a new home in Austrlia and is considered an Australian citizen.
In what ways has she contributed to the society?
Cuc Lam has contributed to the society by paying all the tax she has to pay an buy getting an important job and helping Australia.
Why do become Refugees? List Possible Reasons.
- People become refugees if there is a war in their country.
- people can become refugees if they sign up for a refugee status.
- if people are judged for their religious beliefs.
What would be the most difficult things about moving to another country? what would be the most exciting?
Difficult: Exciting:
Leaving your family New things to try
Leaving your home You won’t be judged by your religions
You don’t know anyone you have better opportunities.

Refugees can't take many possesion with them, which five items would you take with you?
1. Photo of my family
2. Mother's special possession
3. Father's special possession
4. My mother's wedding ring
5. Sister's special possession
what traditions would you take with you to your new life?
Valentines Day
These are the things that i would celebrate in my new life.
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