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No description

Dana Rose

on 26 November 2017

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Transcript of Pneumonia

Patient Overview:
Admitting Diagnosis: Pneumonia
Chief Complaint: Shortness of Breath
Medical History
Surgical History
Social History
Family History
Support Systems
Risk factors
Signs and symptoms
Contributing comorbidities

Pathophysiology continued:
Diagnostic Studies
Treatment Options
Nursing Considerations
Treatments patient received
Physical Assessment:
Head to Toe
Nursing Care and Treatments
Nursing Diagnosis:
1. Impaired gas exchange related to pneumonia as evidenced by shortness of breath, cough and oxygen dependent on six liters.

Pt will be weaned to four liters of oxygen (to go home rate/baseline) and maintain a 92% or above oxygen saturation before end of shift today at 1830.
Nursing Diagnosis:
2. Diarrhea related to radiation as evidenced by three loose stools before 1100 and hyperactive bowel sounds in all four quadrants.

Pt will decrease in number of bowel movements and have formed stools by end of shift today at 1830.
Nursing Diagnosis:
3. Risk for bleeding related to adenocarcinoma on the left lung as evidenced by elevated coagulation and bruising bilaterally upper extremities.

Pt will be able to discuss precautions to prevent bleeding complications today before end of shift at 1830.
Question and Answer

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