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7 steps of research

library workshop

ha hoang

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of 7 steps of research

the 411 on writing an awesome Research paper 1. identify &
develop your topic state your topic idea
as a question brainstorm main
concepts & key words 2. find
information 3. locate
books and articles 4. Analyze and Evaluate the iniformation 5. write a rough draft 6. Edit your paper 7. write the final draft be flexible
with your
topic too broad OR vague =
too much information too specific OR narrow =
not enough information background provides
general understanding
and broader context good sources of
background info... textbooks/
class notes encyclopedias & dictionaries wikipedia (OMG, really!) Organize the information proofread revise visit the library search the online catalog consider interlibrary loans make sure you have a
library card scan bibliography for additional sources check out the library databases select the appropriate databases why use library databases instructors may require
scholarly / peer-reviewed
articles analyze your notes
evaluate your sources
synthesize the information
ask more questions
concepts also check out what's on the web.
user beware concentrate on content consider an outline introduction
conclusion content
citations Double check format, citations -- proofread again!
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