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Dash Wearables - The Five-Year Story

A short bio on www.dashwearables.com.

Dash Wearables

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Dash Wearables - The Five-Year Story

The Five-Year Story About Dash Wearables Your online community store. Dash Wearables was an online store in the Philippines that offered 15-35 year old women fashionable and, more importantly, wearable apparel.

After its website launch in 2006, Dash came to be known as a friendly and reliable shop. Founder Lai del Rosario made sure that everything in the store had a personal touch - from the ordering process, customer service, to product packaging. Dash transformed the traditional faceless online store into an "online community store" where shoppers interacted with one another. Dash started out small and minimal, but with the demand for more products, the store grew fast. The Evolution of an Online Store Each piece of clothing in the Dash Wearables store was handpicked for a particular collection. The epitome of a Dash woman had global style inspiration - she mixed and matched pieces from different periods and cultures. She could be dressed simply or glamorously, but she always looked - daaashing. Wearability - The Clothes! And then, the fashion world caught up with the "small online store that could", and the word spread! A Dash Here and There Before online social media marketing was all the craze, Dash was already using the Internet to create an "online community store". The store is closed but the love goes on. Thanks for reminiscing with us. Closing But as with all stories, there is an ending. After much excitement, growth, and lessons learned, Dash Wearables closed its doors in 2011 as founder Lai del Rosario moved her base from Asia to Europe. Many boutiques have opened since but Dash's concept remains to be one of the pioneers in the Philippines!
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