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No description

yara aboody

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of health

products Carmel 140 cal
Mocha, no whipped cream 240 cal
Hot Chocolate 270 cal
Mocha Frappuccino 420 cal Twix twin bar=306 cal McDonalds Medium Fries 350
Big Mac 215g = 492 California roll sushi
Every 260 g = 450 cal 1 slice cheese pizza
250 cal Baskin & Robbins Choc Peanut Butter Icecream Lays - Salt & Vinegar chips 230 cal Most Common Bad Eating Habits 1. Eating on the Run
(eating too fast). Improve Your Diet Eat less calorie-dense foods & more water rich foods
Add natural flavors instead of fatty sauces. 1- Become More
Mindful 2- Make a Plan
Be Specific 3- Tackle a New Mini-Goal Each Week 4- Be Realistic 5- Practice 6- Replace junk food with healthy food

(such as fruits - vegetables - low fat milk\cream- and fresh food ) Diseases caused
by obesity A normal teenager should have
2000 - 2200 cal a day . Breaking Bad Habits Bad Habits Consequences Change By: Yara AbouSaleh Hala Al-Ghanim
Mashael Al-Anezi Hadeel Al Hindas 2. Eating
portions. 3. Eating to
relieve Stress. 4. Skipping Meals
especially "breakfast". 5. Late night eating
(eating before bed) 6. not drinking
enough water . Snickers 1 bar=323 cal 320
cal 1-cancer 2- heart failure 4-Diabetes 6-Stroke 3- Hypertension

(high blood
pressure) 7- Liver &
gallbladder disease 5- High Cholesterol Have a nutritious breakfast
8 hours of sleep
Stop eating when you are comfortably full Reduce meal sizes by 20%
Low fat dairy
Whole-grain bread Eat a snack every few hours
Try different cooking methods
Drink more water It's time to Change Improve Your Lifestyle 7- Exercise Why is
important ? The benefits of exercising 1. Controls weight 2. Combats diseases 3. Improves the mood 4. Boosts energy 5. It can be fun 6. Promotes better sleep Does exercising
make you Smart ? Thank you for listening
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