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How a Cell is Like a Factory

No description

Rocky Balboa

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of How a Cell is Like a Factory

The cytoplasm fills the cell and holds the organelles in place with a gel like substance called cellulose. It has the highest volume of any organelle in the animal cell.
Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
The ER is a long system of tubes and sacks that transports the proteins that the ribosomes on it make.
The Nucleus
The nucleus is the brain of the cell if you will.It controls all of the cells activity and determines what proteins will be made
How a Cell is Like a Factory

The cell is the basic structural, functional and biological unit of all known living organisms. Cells are the smallest unit of life that can replicate independently, and are often called the "building blocks of life" In a way it is like a factory. All of the organelles have a place in a cell and work together to follow a function. Just like a factory which has different parts and sections to carry out a function.And like cells not all factories have the same function.

How does this fit into a factor?
The C.E.O of the factory acts like the nucleus.
He controls the activates of the factory (cell) .
How does this fit into a factory?
The cytoplasm resembles the floor of the factory. The floor holds all the structures in place with a substance called concrete and takes up a large surface area of the factory.
How does
this fit into a factory
The ER is like an assembly line where the workers do there job (ribosomes). Then they are transported throughout the factory.
How does this fit into a factory?
The ribosomes resemble workers on the assembly line that create materiel or in the case of a cell , proteins . They are then transported thought out the factory
The ribosomes are the workers of the ER and their basic function is to assemble proteins that are then transported throwout the cell
Golgi apparatus
The Golgi apparatus or Golgi body is a packaging and distribution center for the cell and is important for the processing of proteins
How does this fit in with the factory?
The packaging department actually resembles this very well. Its where things are checked , packaged and distributed like in the cell.
The lysosmes are small organelles that break down waste and cell debris and is described as the stomach of the cell.
How does this fit in to the factory?
The trash chute of a factory is where you dispose of waste and useless material.
The mitochondria is described as the power houses of the cell and specializes in the making of energy for the cell to perform.
How does this fit into a factory?
The power plant is basically the mitochondria.
Its the section of a factory that gives everything else the power to work and carry out its functions.
The vacuoles in an animal cell are basically the areas where things are stored like waste.However some animal cells don't have them.
How does this fit into a factory?
The storage room basically is the same thing as the vacuole. Its the area where things are stored and throughout the factory there are a few.
Cell Membrane
The cell membrane separates the inside from the outside of the cell, it is selectively permeable which means some things can come in and some cant and is mainly meant for protection.
How does this fit into a factory?
The doors in a factory have many things in common with the cell membrane.They let people who have keys to come in( selectively permeable). And it protects it at the same time.
In conclusion we have found out that a factory shares many resemblances.Comparing things like factories to cells can help us understand how they work and vice versa.
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