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A Study of Word Families:

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Charlotte Douthit

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of A Study of Word Families:

We will call this "Unit One" since we are starting a new way to approach Vocabulary.
Each unit contains four Latin and/or Greek roots, and two to four English vocabulary words are provided for each root .

Beneath the definition of the root, you will find the word, its pronunciation, part of speech, and English definition.

If the word has a prefix, or if it is especially difficult to reconcile with its root, the entry will contain an analysis of the parts of the word, followed by a literal definition.

is explained as
, meaning
, +
; the literal meaning is "
a pushing back
Each entry provides a sentence using the word and introduces pertinent synonyms and/or antonyms.
There is also visual reinforcement to aid in understanding, mnemonic cartoons also appear in each unit.
There are six different kinds of exercises in each Unit.
three kinds of practice using words in context
one test of your ability to infer information based on the words meaning
one reading comprehension excercise
one activity in which you will deduce the meaning of an unfamiliar word based on knowledge of the word's root
It is my hope that you will have had thorough preactice using the words in context and you will be prepared to make each word a part of your working vocabulary.
Here are the words for Unit One:
1. deficient 11. operational
2. petrify 12. defunct
3. affection 13. malfunction
4. facsimile
5. suffice
6. transact
7. coagulate
8. agenda
9. inoperable
10. cooperate
These all come from the following roots:
1. FAC, FIC, FECT - Latin: FACERE, FACTUM, "to make do"

2. ACT, AG - Latin: AGERE, ACTUM, "to do, drive"

3. OPER - Latin: OPERARE, OPERATUM, "to work"

4. FUNCT - Latin: FUNGI, FUNCTUM, "to work, to perform"
A Study of Word Families:
Latin and Greek Roots
Vocabulary for
~ Douthit's English 8

"to make do"
1. facsimile: (noun) - a copy; an imitation

facere + similis,
"like" =
made like

That edition of the U. S. Constitution was a poor facsimile that looked like it was made on a cheap copier.

synonym : duplicate
2. Deficient: Not having enough; lacking

, "down", +
= "made down" -> "made less"

Mom wouldn't let us buy the cereal because she said it was
in vitamins.
3. petrify (verb) To scare; to frighten

, "stone" +
"to make, to do" = to turn to stone

The vampire movie
everyone in the theater so much that they were afraid to leave their seats.

synonym: terrify
antonym: comfort
4. affection: (noun): a feeling of love or liking

, "towards," +
"to make" "to do" = to do towards

Because Mary felt a great deal of affection for Frank, she bought him a lovely farewell gift.

synonym: tenderness
antonym: disgust
5. suffice: (verb) To be enough

, "beneath, under" +
"to make" "to do" = to make or be under, to support

Betty didn't need any more friends, she felt the ones she had would suffice.

synonym: satisfy
antonym: fall short
AGERE, ACTUM "to do, drive"
6. Transact: (verb) to carry out

trans, "across" + actum, "drive across"

The supermarket was closed, so Carrie couldn't
any business there today.

synonym: conduct
7. Agenda: (noun) - a list of things to do

agenda: literally, "those things that must get done"

Dimitri said the meeting's agenda included a report on income and one on spending.

synonym: plan
8. coagulate: (verb) - to solidify; to clump or clot

, "together" +
"to do, drive" = to drive together
Many snakes kill their food by making the victim's blood
so it will not circulate
9. inoperable: (adjective) - not in working order.

in, "not" = operare, "to work" = not able to work

Someone jammed up something in the lock yesterday, making it

synonym: uncorrectable
antonym: fixable
10. cooperate: (verb) - to work with, to be helpful to

, "together," +
"to work" = to work together

To win the final football game, all team members had to cooperate with one another.

synonym: assist
antonym: hinder
11. operational: (adjective) - in working order

The scientists found one minor problem in the robot, but most of the parts were still operational.
"to work, to perform"
12. defunct: (adjective) No longer working, no longer active

de, "down from" + functum "to work, to perform" =
"down from work" "no longer working"

No one went to Great Wonder Amusement Park on Saturday because many of the rides were defunct.

synonym: inactive
antonym: working
13. malfunction: (noun) - Something that goes wrong, problem

, "badly," +
"to work, to perform"

Theresa was the one who discovered the malfunction that made the computer stop.

synonym: error
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