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Generic Codes and Conventions

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Jao Piyarada

on 26 September 2015

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Transcript of Generic Codes and Conventions

Depending on the genre of the magazine and their target auidence. The teen magazine usually place thing in a more interesting way and uses a lot of overlapping to catch the attention, while an older targeted magazine will place things neatly and easy to read as they want it to look more professional rather than being playful.

The masthead usually has the biggest size to create a brand recognition and usually in a big, bold, coloured font and has a high contrast with the background to emphasise itself. Dolly uses the colour Pink in the masthead to indicates their target audience that would probably female and the colour pink connotes the sweetness, cheerful, girly kind of style.

Basically is to advertise the stuff inside the magazine. The language used on the coverline can be used to identify the genre and the target audience of the magazine. Dolly used less coverlines on the magazine so that the main image still be the most important on the front cover.

Depending on their target audience the language used will be different. In typicall teen magazine the language used will be more informal using teen slangs comparing to adult magazines the language seem to be more formal as adults prefer something more professional.

GEneric codes and conventions
The way the magazine is trying to communicate with its audience. Typical magazine will use the direct mode of address in which the main image looking directly at the reader. This will create the feeling of equality and more friendly for the reader to buy it.

mode of address
Usually consists of a simple colour depending on the target audience. The colour will be maximized to 4 colours, so that it won't get too much attention and look too-much on the cover and every magazine has its own house-style colour scheme. In Glamour they've used a sweet soft girly colour with a compliment colour to brings out the specific content.
The content on the cover that related directly to the main image. Basically is to give the reader more information about what are there going to be inside the magazine and that makes you want to buy it. Often they will put the name of the celeb or the relating word in coloured or bigger size than the rest to emphasise the importance and make it eye-catching.

Anchorage text
Usually in the centre of the front cover and sometimes overlapping the masthead to represents the importance of the celebrity infront and the advertise them.
Main image
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