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Germany Media System

No description

Andi Eckardt

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of Germany Media System

Germany Media System
Current Population: 82, 652, 256
1.14% of total world population
74% of population lives in Urban areas
Literacy Rate: 99%
Federal Republic of Germany
Second democratic system in German History
Constitution = Basic Law
Political Parties: Major
Christian Democratic Union
Social Democratic Party of Germany
Smaller Political Parties:
Christian Social Union
Free Democratic Party
Bavarian Sister Party
Left Party
History of German Government
Nov. 9, 1918: Germany was declared a Republic
Nov. 11, 1918: Treaty of Versailles ends WWI
Jan. 19, 1919: National Assembly meets in Weimar to write Constitution - called the Weimar Republic
1923: National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) attempt unsuccessful armed rebellion led by Adolf Hitler
1933: Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler as chancellor; Nazi Germany begins

Location of Germany
Western Europe
137,810 square miles
Captial: Berlin
Bordered by:
North Sea, Denmark and Baltic sea to the North
Poland and Czech Republic to the East
Austria and Switzerland to the South
France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and The Netherlands to the West
1939: Germany invades Poland, beginning of WWII
1940: U.S., Russia and UK retaliate to the seize of Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxembourg.
1945: Adolf Hitler commits suicide in April and Germany is divided into 4 military zones in June: U.S., UK, France, and Soviet Union
May: Allies approve constitution for Western Germany (Federal Republic of Germany)
October: East Germany forms the German Democratic Republic
August: Berlin Wall was built
Nov.: Berlin Wall demolished - Communist East Germans could travel to West Germany.
Oct: East and West Germany reunited
U.S./Germany Comparison
Both have federal systems and constitutions
Both have parliamentary/presidential cabinets appointed or recommended by the President/Chancellor.
Germany operates on a Civil Law System
U.S. on a Common Law system
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
$1, 872,992 (U.S. millions
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