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The Covenant

No description

Jack Craig

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of The Covenant

Cycle of Redemption in Genesis
1. Patriarchs lack faith in God, their people turn away from his will
Cycle of Redemption in Joshua
1. God allows enemies to attack Israelites because of their sinfulness
Cycle of Redemption in Judges
1. The Israelites did what was evil in sight of the Lord. (Judges 13:1)
Cycle of Redemption in Exodus
1. Humanity turns to idolatry, and breaking the commandments.
The Covenant
Development of Covenant
After the Patriarchs develop their covenant with God, their people eventually lose faith.

This causes a cycle, in which the people will eventually obtain redemption. This cycle is therefore called the "Cycle of Redemption".

It is apparent in every book from Genesis to Judges.
2. Patriarchs lack interest for the covenant, and sin
3. Patriarchs repent and ask for forgiveness when it is made known to them their mistake(s)
4. They are forgiven because of God's mercy and return to following the covenant
5. Patriarchs trust in God
2. God sends prophets and leaders to help the people repent and ask for forgiveness.
3. Humanity returns to following the Covenant.
4. Peace and healing from God is returned.
5. Covenant is renewed, and Humanity is happy.
2. The Israelites return faith to God
3. Joshua is given to them as the commander of their army
4. Enemy is repelled, and Israelites acquire Holy Land
5. Peace returns to the people of Israel
2. The Philistines rule over Israel. (Judges 14:4)
3. The Israelites cry out to God
4. Samson is delivered to them to free them (Judges 13:24)
5. Samson destroys and kills the Palestines (Judges 15:8, Judges 16:30)
6. The Judge dies and the cycle begins again (Judges 16:31)
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