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Mike Harris

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Michael Harris
Hour 4 The capital of Afghanistan is Kabul
The type of government in Afghanistan is Islamic Republic and their current leader is Hamid Karazi
There are 652,230 square kilometes of land
in Afghanistan, but only 12.13% of that land is arable.
Noshak is the highest point of elevation at 7,485 miles,
where as Amu Darya is the lowest point of elevation with
only 258 miles above sea level

There are approximately 28,395,716 people living in Afghanistan to date, and there are 43.5 people per square kilometer.
The Life Expectancy at Birth in Afghanistan is 44.4 years. The Infant Mortality Rate in Afghanistan is 153.8
Only 21.8% of people can read and write
Currently, 35% of people in Afghanistan are Unemployed and 36% are below the Poverty Line The two largest religous groups in
Afghanistan are Sunni Muslim and
Shia Muslim. Pictued: Sunni Muslim Symbol The two largest ethnic groups in Afghanistan
are the Pashtun and the Tajik. Below is a picture of some Pashtun children. The top three exports of Afghanistan:
opium,fruits and nuts,handwoven carpets
The top three imports of Afghanistan:
machinery and other capital goods, food, textiles The Afghani is the currency for
Afghanistan and the Exchange Rate
is around 50.25 Afghani's per U.S
dollar. There are about 8.45 million mobile phones in use in Afghnistan. Michelle Lang, a 34 year old Calgary Herald
Reporter was honored in Ottawa Washington. Lang
and four other soldiers were killed by an
improvised explosive device while in Afghanistan
in December.
The Obama admisistration says that its conflict with Afghan President Hamid Karazi are no longer a problem. The problems were not defined, but it is said that Karazi will be visiting the United States May 10th-14th.
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