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Apple Implementation Plan

No description

Hayashi Mikuni

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Apple Implementation Plan

Apple Implementation Plan
Recommended Strategies
Cost Leadership Strategy
Differentiation Strategy
Integration Strategy

System monitoring
- Weekly report to manager
- Monthly report to CEO
Strategy Evaluation
Triple Bottom Line
- Financial (product sale power)
- Environment (CO2 emission)
- Community (feedback)
Mc Kinsey 7s Model
Functional Structure
Staff Resistance
- New technology involves
- Afraid of failing the task
- Not a team player
Shareholder Resistance
- Lack of faith in the company
- Disagree with the plan
Shared Value
- Company vision
- Company value
- Customer/employee Value
Gain back 20% of market share in next 3 years
Increase product sales by 20% in 3 years with new products
Maintain share price at $500-$550
- Work in group
- Hierarchy Report
- Increase teamwork ability
- Brainstorming
- More staff required
- New reward System (money or share)
- Communication skills
- Programming skills
- Leadership and management
- Marketing skills
- PR
- Incremental Style
- Consultative management Style
- Coach management Style
- CEO works closer to staff
Overcome resistance
- Increase training and education
- Negotiation
- Motivate and support from CEO
Overcome Resistance
- Provide financial report
- PR strategies
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