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poetry is dumb

poetry is dumb

Jamers Gerhardt

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of poetry is dumb

Poetry is dumb By James Poetry is as dumb as spencer
Spencers intelligence matches a chimp, spencer is a braindead chimp oohh oohh eehh eehh ahh ahhh Spencer reminds me of a llama i once hit with a car He lived of course but now hes not the sharpest tool in the shed if ya know what i mean Dur eduhh blahfhuh errr tator tots
this is spencers favorite sentences Once i saw spencer standing next to a bag of rocks and i needed a question answered so i asked the bag of rocks Once spencer was beat in a game of tic tac toe by a chicken He got in a plane and he couldnt even hit the blind side of a barn. Spencer likes rainbows and unicorns and he wishes he was a pixie fairy with magical fairy wings and he wants to spread his fairy dust all over. He wants to fly Just spread his magical pixie wings and he likes to sit on pink fluffy clouds
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