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Russia Quick History

No description

Derrick Dengler

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Russia Quick History

There is a lot. Russian History A Great Many People The Rise of Russia 1300s Kievan Rus 1200s AD -Kiev-capitol
-Eastern Orthodox Religion
-Trade from Mediterranean
-1200s Mongols conquer Kiev -After invasion of Mongols, Slavs went north
-Moscow is established
-Creation of Czars- Supreme Rulers
-Creation of Serfs- virtually enslaved workforce bound to the land
-Russians left behind Western Europe in science and technology because of struggle for power Many Different Ethnic Groups: Russian,Turk, Ukrainian, Finnic, Caucasian, Ossetian, Monogolian Early History 600-800s -Slavs: farmers, hunters and fishers
-Settled near water
-Create Kiev Czars Peter the Great (1600s)
-expanded territory
-created St. Petersburg Ivan the Great (late 1400s)
-built the Kremlin, expanded control to area now known as "Russia" Ivan the Terrible (1500s)
-Economic decline
-Government tightens grips The Revolution 1800s-Early 1900s -Czar Alexander frees the serfs 1861
-Industrial Revolution draws people to cities
-Begins Attraction to socialism (belief calling for greater economic equality) and communism Karl Marx
-German Philosopher
- Public ownership of land and no classes in society Russian Revolution 1917
-Bloody Sunday, 1905- Workers marching for better conditions, soldiers fire and kill almost 1000 people
- 1917- Czar Nicholas II gives up thrown, last czar The Soviet Era 1917-1989 -led by Lenin
-take over all of industries 1991- Soviet Union Ends
-Now a market economy
-More Political Openess The Soviets
-Representative Government
-Bolsheviks, led by Lenin
-change to communism
-"Peace, Land and Bread" -Superpower
-Joseph Stalin
-gains satellites
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