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internship presentation

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Julia Ashley

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of internship presentation

AndSpace Consultancy My Internship experience at Julia Ashley PS 396- Psychology Internship Dr. Van Buren a new way for organizations to understand the future companies need scenario planning
foresight teams scenario planning is changing Difference about AndSpace no end points no winning trends constant changes co-existing driving forces middle of the spectrum working at Andspace Supervisor : Christian Crews principal and co-founder Fairfield, CT main office Waltham, MA research annotations Michelle Bowman co-founder contact lists conference practice speeches Psychology in Action the hawthorne effect I/O Psychology
Social Psychology when employees change their behvior due solely to the fact that they are recieving attention or are being observed expectancy theory Vrooms theory that motivation is a function of expectancy, instrumentality and valence Mind Styles theory describes how people perfer to take in and how they prefer to order, or sequence, information concrete random
concrete sequential
abstract random
abstract sequential speaks in general terms about patterns and trends
but in an ordered manner from start to finish Separate and connected knowing two different ways of understanding or evaluating a person, situation, event ect. separate knowers try to understand through analysis they apply the principles learned in various disciplines. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I LEARNED working at a new company, especially a very small company would not be something i would like to do unless it was a good occupational fit expectancy :the percieved probability that a particular amount of effort will result in a particular level of performance instrumentality: the percieved probability that a particular level of performance will result in a particular consequence valence: the percieved desirability of a consequence that results from a particular level of performance
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