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Principalship Competencies

Elaine L. Wilmore. Passing the Principal TExES Exam. 2003. Chapter 7

Laura Espinoza

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Principalship Competencies

Competencies Principal's Universe 001 - 002 - 003 - 004 - 005 - 006 - 007 - 008 - 009 - Vision Climate Culture Curriculum Instruction Staff Development Organizational Decision Making Finance - Budget Facilities and
Safety Facilitate the development of a campus
learning organization that supports
instructional improvement and change
through ongoing study of relevant
research and best practice. Facilitate the implementation of sound,
research-based instructional strategies,
decisions, and programs in which
multiple opportunities to learn and be
successful are available to all students. Create conditions that encourage
staff members, students, families/
caregivers, and the community to
strive to achieve the campus
vision. Ensure that all the students are
provided high-quality, flexible
instructional programs with
appropriate resources and services
to meet individual student needs. Use formative and summative
student assessment data to
develop, support, and improve
campus instructional strategies
and goals. Facilitate the use and integration of
technology, telecommunications, and
information systems to enhance
learning. Facilitate the implementation of
sound, research-based theories and
techniques of teaching, learning,
classroom management, student
discipline, and school safety to
ensure a campus environment
conducive to teaching and
learning. Facilitate the development,
implementation, evaluation, and
refinement of student services
and activity programs to fulfill
academic, developmental, social,
and cultural needs. Analyze instructional needs and
allocate resources effectively and
equitable. Analyze the implications of various
factors (e.g. staffing patterns, class
scheduling formats, school
organizational structures, student
discipline practices) for teaching
and learning. Ensure responsiveness to diverse
sociological , linguistic, cultural,
and other factors that may
affect students' development
and learning. The principal knows how to advocate,
nurture, and sustain an instructional
program and a campus culture that
are conducive to student learning
and staff professional growth. Chapter 7 by Laura Espinoza
Terrell ISD
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