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Cornell Notes

How to take notes using the Cornell method

Lea Thorne

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Cornell Notes

Cornell Notes and You Why should you take notes? Learning how to take notes can help you become a more successful student. By organizing the information you learn in class you are better able to understand why the information is important and better able to study leading to better grades! In order for note taking to work you have to learn how to take well organized notes. Take a look at what happens when you don't know how to take notes. In order to take organized notes
first you have to organize your paper. You will divide your paper into three sections, just like in the following picture. Divide the paper into three sections.

Draw a dark horizontal (side to side) line about 5 or 6 lines from the bottom.

Draw a dark vertical (up and down) line about 2 inches from the left side of the paper from the top to the horizontal (side to side) line.
Write notes.

The large box to the right is for writing notes.

Skip a line between ideas and topics.

Don't use complete sentences. Use abbreviations, whenever possible. Develop a shorthand of your own, such as using "&" for the word "and". You can even use "text speak" when you take notes Take notes here Key
points The key points area is where you put the big ideas Why take notes? How to organize Key word section Why take notes? How to organize Key word section good notes=good grade divide paper into three key points
note section
summary Big ideas go here

Write a summary of the main ideas in the bottom section. This can be done while the teacher is summarizing the lesson or after class but don't wait too long so the thoughts are still fresh in your head. Summary Now What? Great notes don't do you any good unless you review them. Here is a great way to test your self: Review what you have learned. Do this by testing yourself, as follows: fold the paper so that only the left side shows. Now, see if you can remember the supporting details for each main point.
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