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1940's Fashion

1940's Fashion Presentation for Fashion Design Block A2

Abby Bart

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of 1940's Fashion

1940's Fashion Words and Quotes The 1940's had a lot of different slang words and interesting quotes. People used words like "hoofer", which was a dancer, or "big cheese", to describe a boss or influential person. Other phrases included "carry a torch", which means to have a crush on someone. People Who Influenced Fashion • Katharine Hepburn
• Gary Cooper
• Joan Crawford
• Spencer Tracy
• Vivien Leigh
• Judy Garland
• Lauren Bocall
• Humphrey Bogort

In addition to these people, 1940's fashion was also influenced by fabric shortages as a result of WWII. Silhouette Worn By Females • Broad shoulders, defined waists, knee-length skirts, loose swing skirts, pencil skirts, and short boxy jackets. Silhouette Worn By Men • Elegant clothing - long suit jackets, loose straight-leg pants, and calf-length trench coats. Designers and Labels Agnes, Hattie Carregie, Christian Dior, Claire McCardell, Gilbert Adrian, Royal Hawaiian Manufacturing Company, Nettie Rosenstein, Ceil Chapman, Vera Mandwell, Bonnie Cashin, Anne Klein, Maggy Rauf, Nina Ricci, Jean Desses, Rerre Balman, Jacques Feth Fashion Trends • Pussycat Bow Blouses
• Sportswear
• Low Heels
• Swing Skirts
• Hats
• Women's Suits Fashion Fads • Nylons
• Platform pumps
• Cardigans
• V-necks
• Bright colors
• Zoots suits Colors • polka dots
• florals
• black
• grey
• navy
• red
• tourquoise Fibers • nylon
• yarn (knitted)
• viscose
• rayon
• synthetics
• silk

People often repurposed fabric from old clothing because of shortages. Historical Moments • WWII
• Pearl Harbor bombing
• Battle of Britain
• race equality movements Clothing Parallels Today, 1940's styles are being brought back in some clothing, along with other vintage styles. Movies and Music Movies: Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life, Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, Laura, The Grapes of Wrath, Meet Me in St. Louis, Pinnochio, Hollday Inn, On the Town, Melody Time, Boy! What a Girl!, Anchors Aweigh, Orchestra Wives, Make Mine Music

Music: Gene Autry, Bing Crosby, Glenn Miller, The Andrews Sisters, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra (big band and swing music) Interesting Facts • Mount Rushmore was finished.
• Marvel Comics was introduced.
• Tupperware was invented.
• Nascar gets it's start.
• The sound barrier is broken. Works Cited answers.com, wikipedia.org, wiki.answers.com, film-classics.com, www.intheirwords.com, ezinearticles.com, google.com/images, vintagefashionguild.org, answers.yahoo.com, pinterest.com, www.ascu.buffalo.edu, www.buffalo.edu, kclibrary.lonestar.edu, www.helium.com, imdb.com, tsort.info, www.census.gov The End
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