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Percy Jackson's iPhone

No description

Theresa Legg

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson's iPhone

Our Journey
From Camp Half Blood to Los Angeles, CA

have a word with Ares about being tricked
remind Hades about Charon's pay raise and to play with Cerberus. He likes red rubber balls.
Can use a car wash to make a quick call to Chiron through "Iris-messaging" (Rainbow goddess who carries messages for Gods)
If run into Medusa do not look into her eyes

The weather is always sunny unless Zeus is angry.
If Zeus is angry nothing but rain and lightning.
Top Free iPhone Apps for Heroes In Training
How to be a Hero
Sword Fighting
Intro to Mythology
Welcome to CHB
Gods Reference Guide
Greek Mythology:
Quick References Guides
Call for help with Yelp
Train Your Brain
Smell For Monsters
Demigod Diaries
Your Guide to Riptide
How the heck did Annabeth do this equation in her head?! Good thing I listened to her or else I would have ran into that wall at the waterpark
Where are you?
WHAT?!?! Did you
just jump out the
St. Louis Arch?
In the river
That Chihuahua was not a dog it was a Chimera!
Just meet us the edge
of the Mississippi River.
Be careful of all the news
Ok meet you there. See you in a little bit.
How is the quest
going so far?
Lots of bad guys so far...
Medusa, Chimera, and Mrs. Dodds again
Oh my. Good thing you
have Grover and Annabeth there to help
By the way I learned that
I can breathe underwater
Good luck on the rest of
the quest. Call me if you
need anything
Ok thanks.
The Big 3 are Zeus, Poseidon and Hades
There are 12 Main Olympians
Zeus - the god of the sky. His symbol is the lightning bolt.
Poseidon - the god of the water. His symbol is the trident.
Hades - the god of the Underworld. His symbol is the helm of darkness
Athena - the goddess of wisdom. Her symbol is the owl.
Ares - the god of war. His symbol is the boar and the color red
Cerberus - 3 headed dog that guards that entrance to the Underworld
Medusa - she has hair made of snakes; she can turn people into stone if they look into her eyes.
The Furies - they are Hades' helpers
Charon - he also works in the Underworld for Hades. He takes people to the Underworld on a ferry
Procrustes-tried to stretch them, if bigger than 6 ft. he tried to cut them to fit
Chimera - fire breathing monster
Enchinda- Mother of all Monsters

Percy's Contacts
Montauk, New York
Inside the St. Louis Arch
Ares' Motorcyle
Zebra crossing the road in Las Vegas
New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas
Santa Monica Pier in California
CHB Main Office
Go WEST to get to
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