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Chris Murphy

No description

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Chris Murphy

Privacy Activity

The Scenario
A boss sees an employee who called in "sick" in a picture that someone posted on Facebook. In this picture the employee is partying the night before. The boss fires the employee.
Private information or not
The information should have been kept private. The reason is that the man who is fired is allowed to do what he wants on the weekend unless otherwise stated by his employer. It is also a legitimate absence because he is really sick if he is having a hangover. While the action took by the employee wasn't smart , it should have been kept private. Also, if the boss had been caught taking a day off after a party would he be fired?
Whose Fault?
The man who was fired is at fault because of his actions. If he wanted to keep his job he could have been professional. He should not have been letting people take pictures of him at a party. This whole situation could have been avoided if he wouldn't have been partying.
Data good or bad?
Chris Murphy &
Harut Ketsoyan

A good example of unexpected consequences is if someone accidentally posted a picture of themselves doing something illegal. Then everyone would be able to see and there is a possibility the police could find out and they could go to jail.
Social Networks
The information portrayed in social networks are aspects of you that are unprofessional. People may think you are not a good employee.
It may be an accurate description of your personality, but not information you would want everybody to see. It is not a accurate description of you, because you only put stuff on facebook that you want your close friends and family to see.
It may not be a good idea to share your information on the web, because you don't know who is going to view it. If you put information like your phone number or home address you may have problems with strangers who know where you live, This is a negative.
People have talked more often than any other time in history. It is much easier to communicate often and with many different people. A negative is that rumors and gossips can spread very quickly, and also influences the lack of people actually meeting in person often. It has positives because you can talk to anyone, any time, and almost every where.
Permanence of historical information
This is a negative the only important information needed to be stored can be stored in books. History of everybody and there private information should not be recorded to be viewed by anyone.
It has made a negative impact of society because people can be judged by posts or pictures. If people you don't want get a hold of your pictures they can change them to be inappropriate or embarrassing. A good way to minimize consequences would be to only allow certain information available to everybody and all the other things are shown to people you want.
Globalization is something that has only been seen in the past few years. And it plays a huge role in politics. It has positives because nations can learn information about other nations fast enough to know how to react to it. When Egypt and Syria were in an outbreak, the other nations came to help quick. Globalization also plays a huge roll in War
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