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Strategic synthesis

Stenden Hotel Management School - year 3 - Strategic Hospitality Management

sandy loup

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Strategic synthesis

Input for strategic decisions Resources
& Competences Internal Analysis how to... strategy Resource Based Approach Competitive advantage how they are managed based on Resources External Analysis Industry Orientation Competitive advantage how is external environment
influencing an organisation based on External forces how to increase customer value global mindset resources capabilities core competences analysing & discovering strategic competitiveness competitive advantage value chain analysis criteria of sustainable advantages internal audit capabilities assessment profile valuable rare (distinctive) costly to imitate (inimitatable) how? firm's assets develop deploy protect attract creating value for customers is the source
of above-average returns compete on basis of firm-specific differences be aware of how things are changing in value creating activities organisational processes functional areas e.g. unique skills, functional expertise Functional areas Organisational structure Company Profile Mission Vision Business Model growth expand divest integrate outsource identify on basis of competitiveness diversify your toolbox Internal Analytical Method Business model Company Profile IFAS EFAS Pestel Porter's Five Forces Market & Competitor Analysis SFAS TOWS strengths weaknesses opportunities threats considerations strategic processes stakeholder reaction strategy formulation organisational focus Ansoff Competitive strategies business model existing or new markets existing or new products market penetration market development product development diversification consolidation where do we want to do business how do we want to compete broad or narrow focus broad costleadership narrow costleadership costleadership or differentiation broad differentiation narrow differentiation what business do we want to be in how is customer value changing creating value for customers is the source
of above-average returns PESTEL Macro environment industry environment market competitors Porter's five forces e.g. market research, benchmark, positioning matrix... industry analysis their added value mission & vision align innovate goals & objectives strategic method culture creativity! what industries are attractive develop new markets product development
market development
market penetration
horizontal integration
liquidations/divestiture retrenchment
related diversification
unrelated diversification
liquidation market development
market penetration
forward integration
backward integration
related diversification related diversification
unrelated diversifaction
joint ventures rapid market growth slow market growth strong competitive position weak competitive position grand strategy matrix what to choose thank you coming week:
strategy formulation
strategy evaluation
strategic methods synthesis strategic what strategic factors require your most attention other tools what weaknesses to overcome
how to use your strengths to overcome threats
how to take advantage of opportunities
how to minimise impact of threats strategic change structure Grand Strategy Matrix
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