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Jamie Grace

No description

Maddie Felix

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Jamie Grace

Jamie Grace is very confident when it comes to her faith and her singing. I admire this trait because I believe that you should love what you do and love what you believe. She does both of those things with extreme confidence.
Another character trait that I admire about Jamie is that she is very joyful. Anytime that she is at a concert, she never stops smiling and she is nice to everyone. I'm sure she gets angry and sad and stuff like that at times, but most of time, she is very cheerful. I like this character trait because you don't want to be a big grump all of the time!
Jamie Grace is also truthful. She does everything with vigor and nobody can accuse her of anything bad because she has a very good reputation. I admire this trait because you need to be truthful for people to believe you one hundred percent of the time.
Jamie Grace
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