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Genetics I

A review of concepts in genetics from meiosis to Mendelian genetics to chromosomes.

Abigail Deaton

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Genetics I

Animals Plants and Algea Alternation of Generation Pedigree 14: Mendel and Inheritance Patterns Genetic Disorders Kentucky Inbreeding Polydactyly *cough*Shelby*cough* Dominant Rett Syndrome Sex-Linked On the same chromosome Percent Recombinance Barr Bodies Current Event AP Bio Theme--Regulation SEX Fertilization haploid gametes Meiosis AP BIO THEME--Evolution Map Unit Meiosis Diploid Zygote Adults-diploid Sickle Cell Recessive Fertilization Irregular Inheritance Pattern Fungi Genomic Imprinting Haploid Gametes Haploid Adults Diploid Zygote Sexual Life Cycles Mitosis Chromosome Structure Genetic Recombinance Mitochondrial DNA Mitosis Fertilization 15: Chromosomes Mitosis AP Bio Theme--Science as a Process Chapters Linked Genes Environmental Influence 13: Meiosis and Sex Cycles Alleles and genes have specific locations Theory of Inheritance Polygenic Inheritance Multiple Alleles Pleiotropy Epistasis haploid Gametes Abby, Xander, and Meredith Mitosis Hemophilia Genetics I Chromosomal Disorders Genes and Environment Trisomy
Polyploidy Ryan White Co- Dominance Haploid Adult = Haploid Spores + Color Blindness Incomplete Dominance Meiosis Diploid Adult Marfan Syndrome Variations Mitosis Huntington's Gregor Mendel Sex Determination diploid zygote Linked Genes Stem Cells "DNA Transfer in Human Eggs Prevents Disease" + = AP Biology Theme--Science and Technology Science, Technology, and Society Meiosis Good Luck on the AP Test!!!
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