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Community Swimming Pool

No description

Angela Alred

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Community Swimming Pool

I learned how to swim in my aunts pool and I have loved it ever since, this is also one of the reasons that i chose to write about the community pool. A community is a group of people that come together becuase they have a common interest, in my case swimming, but that does not mean that they have the same goals. They can also come from anywhere across the country or the world. One reason many people swim is
for the exercise, like Jenny. Some for leisure, like Jamie. Others for practice, like Kristen. Parker decided to take a
swim class here at FSU. Tracy has to swim because
he is in the ROTC program. Some of these people met at the pool and are now
really good friends.This shows how a community
can bring people together. They can come from all across the US,
as many people who go to FSU are not
just from Florida. And if they are they
come from all different counties. The specific community I am looking at is the Florida State swimming community at the Leach Pool. I have always enjoyed swimming and am in a swimming class here at FSU, so that's why I decided to write me research essay on the swimming community and then to use it to make this presentation.
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