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New Year's Eve

No description

Olga **

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of New Year's Eve

To memorize a few Spanish songs of Shakira
I knew that Colombian women are very beautiful (Andrea, it is about you...) and very temperamental (Maria, it is about you)
I understood the very complicated formula of Colombian names:

First First name + Second First name + Father's Last name + Mother's Last name


First First name + Second First name + Father's Last name + (de) + Husband Father's Last name
Next Year Agenda
This Year Achievements
Olga's Diary
July 01, 2013

We want to go to Cuba.
I was researching
to find a hotel.

All English messages look absolutely the same:
"The beach is good... The weather is good...
However, there are a lot of Russians... They are terrible..."

All Russian messages look absolutely the same:
"The beach is good... The weather is good...
However, there are a lot of Canadians... They are terrible..."

I am frustrated...
July 12, 2013

It is our first day in Cuba... We are living in the very strange hotel... No one speaks English... All staff try to speak Russian with us... All guests speak Spanish...
July 15, 2013

Today I ordered a service at the hotel's reception. The girl-receptionist gave me a receipt, which was printed on the used paper. On the back side of the receipt I found a list of hotel's guests.
My first investigation gave me information that Colombia is a big country with two cornucopias on the coat of arms
To start using the right pronunciation of word "Colombia". Now I pronounce it in the typical Russian way, and, as a result, it sounds like "Kalumbiya."
To see all episodes of "Yo Soy Betty,
La Fea"
English language has a saying "you made my day."

I want to paraphrase it, "YOU MADE MY YEAR!!!"

Thank all of you!!!
New Year's Eve...
It is a good time to take stock of the year
Although Europeans have known the existence of South America more than 500 years, I "opened" it for myself only in 2013
July 02, 2013

We decided we can survive in the both environments (Russian and Canadian).

The hotel is found. The tickets are bought.

I am looking forward to see this country. All time in my head are playing old Soviet songs ("Cuba Is My Love" and another one about "a sombrero and Varadero")...
July 13, 2013

After our first night, we changed room (it was impossible to sleep... all night we were listening Spanish songs from the lobby)...

Also we recognized a few Russians in the hotel...

However, where are Canadians
July 16, 2013

Now I know where Canadians are!!! And I think I dislike them:
they go to the hotel's restaurants in swimsuits;
they put a lot of tables together. As a result, their dinner looks like a wedding;
their children always are running around the pools and jumping in the pools;
However, I should note that
their behaviour absolutely the same as behaviour of Russian people

My first "meeting" with people from South America was Just awful...
In September, when I went to the Skills for Change for the first time, I was surprised how many of my classmates were from South America...
Then I made sure that they are high-educated and very interesting (specially Colombians)...
I knew that according to Colombian tradition, on New Year's Eve, I should wear yellow underwear and eat 12 grapes...
I tasted
Colombian food!!!

(Thank you
Andrea & Andres!)
I realized that Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a Colombian...

I even read his

"El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba"
From Russia
With Love
A n
I knew that name "Omar" is a common name not only in Arab and Muslim countries...
I knew that Colombian men
are very gentle.

Once I was later in the class, and the only man gave me a chair was a Colombian.

(Thank you Luis!!!)
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