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How to sell

How to sell presentation for sales and sales management

Maria Guilbeau

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of How to sell

Practitioner Nick Wright
natural at cooking and loves it
worked his way up Who are your main competitors
in Fayetteville and do you have
any competitive advantages
to combat these competitors? If you had to determine it, what is Herman’s market share of the BBQ market in Fayetteville? Normally: 15%-20%
Game days: 25% What are some future plans for Herman’s? Expansion to new locations? Menu expansion? No location or menu expansion
Market for BBQ catering
Regulars want no change
What do you like about your job? Customers
Facial Reactions
Staff and working with wife
Fed Bill and Hillary with Archy Shavers and Don Tyson Would you change anything about your job? Why or Why not? Become the owner
Add catering What is your perception of selling? "Selling is not easy, but it is easy, as long as you have a good product, it does the work for you, it sells itself”
“Sell from the heart!” “You must believe in the product you sell, if you don’t believe in the product, you are trying to sell someone else, you are a liar!”

Take care of regulars
New customers should be treated as kings
Know customers name
"big shots"
"When you take good care of people, they tell somebody; and when you take bad care of someone they tell everyone." Penguin Ed’s and Whole Hog
Not really a competitor
Fayetteville tradition How do you keep customers? Sales Process sequential series of actions
leads toward the prospect taking a desired action
ends with a follow-up to ensure satisfaction Prospecting
Trial Close
Herman's History Began in 1960
Don't do advertising, only word of mouth
New customers receive a samples
older customers get their meal on the house once in a while
Traditional family restaurant
Tripled revenue in 14 years

How To Sell Determine Objections
Meet Objections
Trial Close
Follow-up Selling Process Steps How do you feel the outside appearance of the restaurant affects sales?
Regulars don’t like change, they like the secret of “hermans” What do you try to achieve to make sure that a 1st time customer becomes a repeat? Treat them like a King
Give them samples of everything on the menu How easy or difficult is it to sell in the “restaurant” environment versus any other retail environment? It's easy to sell a product you believe in Takeaways Be friendly
Sell what you love
Then product sells itself
Eat at Herman's
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