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The Immovable Crystal

No description

William Hall

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of The Immovable Crystal

The Immovable Crystal
By: William Hall
All of them went to go see what the light was coming from and when they got there, it was a crystal that was lodged in a huge bolder.
Once upon a time there was three friends, Michael, Vicky, and Fred. They are the best of friends and go on exciting and fun adventures every day, even in the coldest and hottest of days.
One day they saw a light shining from the woods, Vicky said she wanted to go check it out.
Michael and Vicky asked Fred to go and get a sledge hammer and other tools to see if they are able to get the crystal out of the boulder.
While Fred was getting the tools, Michael and Vicky were amazed to see that a crystal that big was somehow lodged in a boulder in the middle of a forest.
Fred came back with the sledgehammer and other tools, then Michael asked for the sledgehammer and told them to back up and took a swing at the builder and broke off a huge chunk.
He did it 12 more times and then Fred wanted to try and he took 6 swings at the boulder.
The boulder had been broken down to where only the bottom of the crystal is still in the boulder.
They tried to pull the crystal out but that didn’t work, so they tried to get the boulder out by hitting it with a sledge hammer but that didn’t work either.
They even tried to pull it out by tying it to a rope and all of them pulling but the crystal didn’t budge. After many attempts and fails they just stopped to admire to see that so much force wouldn’t move a crystal inside a boulder.
The next day they just hid the boulder with the crystal in it so no one else could get a hold of the amazing mineral found in a boulder. That is the story of The Immovable Crystal with Michael, Vicky, and Fred.
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