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Setting Notes: LA2

No description

John Prezzavento

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Setting Notes: LA2

More than when and where...

Time period
Setting and Emotions
A story that is set in autumn can have a sad mood.
A story set in an empty or bland room can make a reader feel lonely or abandoned.
A spring setting can give a reader or story a sense of hope.
A story set on a stormy night
or in a dark alley can evoke creepy emotions...
Setting and Characters
A story's setting
can teach us about
the characters.
What can you learn about a character in a story with a messy room?
or a character with a spotless office?
or a character
who has movie posters all over his walls?
Setting AS a character
A story's setting can act as an antagonist, making the characters' goal more difficult to accomplish.
Elements of a story's setting such as weather conditions, season, and place can impact the mood of a story.
A few examples...
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