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Sustainable Fast Food - School Farming

No description

Ivi Kal

on 5 September 2013

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Transcript of Sustainable Fast Food - School Farming

Kalyvioti, I. Pineda, V.
On Our Way to Sustainable Fast Food
What is
Fast Food?
Quick Service
Fast Food & Consumers
High quality food is expensive
I'm afraid of getting fat
People judge me when I eat
Fast food
I don't know from where that
food comes from
I like to play when I go to fast
food places
Eating cheap & low quality food
I don't have time to cook
I don't like to take my kids
to fast food
People need to feel better
about their eating habits
Lack of consciousness in environmental,
health and social food responsibility
...build environmental, social and health consciousness
...change behaviors by incentives
...make consumers interact in a tangible way with food
...offer local, affordable and quality Food and...
We could
Once Upon a Time...
We are unique!
Farm in school
School's Garden
After class is when
the Fun part starts...
Children involved in the farming
Thank you Calvin
for bringing fresh peas
from the farm
No Problem Ms. Denni,
but don't forget to teach
me how to cook them
they way I like in the next
Kitchen session
I don't know anything
about food, and the program sounds fun
where do I sign in?
So Calvin, is it true that
you are going growing the
food we eat in the canteen?
Yes guys, its really fun and
you learn a lot, besides I
get the food in the canteen half of the price for my work
During Lunchtime..
And finally at home..
I can't wait to see the peas in the farm, my first creation!!
I really like
today's meal
I decided today
that I only want to
eat food that is
grown nearby
That's great Calvin
but what about that
place you like to eat
I like it because of
the playground but going
to the farm is way more
Thanks God
Locally sourced food
Unique network
Farmers are supplementing their income by offering study visits and selling their product in the school canteen.
USDA awards up to $5 million in competitive grants for training, developing school gardens, developing partnerships, and implementing farm to school programs

EU School Fruit Scheme 2012/2013
Target: Increase the low consumption of fruits and vegetables among schoolchildren.

Funding for universities or schools
Thank you very much
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