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No description

Charles Lee-Rossing

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Neverwhere

by Neil Gaiman
bonus storyline by Charles Lee-Rossing
Richard Mayhew
Richard is engaged to Jessica. He is originally from Scotland, and has a good job in London. He has lived there for several years, and has a kind generous personality.
Jessica is the high-strung fiance to Richard Mayhew. She is a perfectionist and assistant to on of the most powerful businessman in the city. She is Richard's polar opposite.
Coup & Vandemar
Coup & Vandemar are a pair of murderers. Coup is cunning, smart, and deceitful. Vandemar, is an insane, deathly quick, rat-eating mountain of a man. Together they have been killing people for hundreds of years, and they are creatively morbid.
London Below
London Below is the other version of London, where people can create doors, be taken by the night, speak to rats. It is the version of London where streets are named after what is on them, where the people who fall through the cracks go, and live in the sewers and in The Tube. The amazing thing is that it is happening on the same streets, same places, same time, as the London we all know and love, or as the people from London below call it, London Above. It fades from your memory, like a dream. When you see a person from London below it is only when they approach you. They walk around you without being noticed. These are the people of London Below. The threats they face are irrelevant to us. They might not even really exist.
& Jessica



are an engaged couple on their way to dinner with her boss. Richard had forgotten to make reservations at the restaurant and ended up having to bribe the hostess over the phone. Jessica was already in a bad mood. On their way to the restaurant the body of a bleeding, unconscious girl falls in Richard's path. Richard begins to carry her to his apartment to get her off the sidewalk. Jessica, not wanting to miss dinner with her boss, told him to leave her. As he walked home she broke the engagement.
non-storyline subjective
Richard's storyline
Jessica's storyline
storyline event connection
both storylines
The next morning Richard finds out that her name is Door and that she has a power to open doors where there aren't any, to open things that are locked and to open things that were never meant to be opened. She leaves with her friend, the marquis de Carabas, after telling Richard that two men are chasing her, trying to kill her and have already killed her family. He decides to go to work now that she is gone. When he tries to hail a taxi, they all just fly by. Once he finally gets to his office, everybody ignores him and the stuff in his office is being removed. He tries talking to Jessica, at her office, but she acts like she doesn't know him. He decides to search for Door, who, in his mind, caused this.
Jess wakes up the next morning feeling depressed. She is a single woman with a good job. There hasn't been a man in her life for years.
She goes to work like always she always does, but it feels like something is missing. When She gets to work there is a strange man who wants to see her. The way he acts is strange, like he knows her. He seems familiar but there is something missing. She can't quite place his face.
Rising Action
Over the next week things keep getting stranger. One day, as she is going to work, she sees people in raggedy clothing climbing up the side of a building. The next, as she is getting on the subway, she feels the most irresistible urge to give the man playing the saxophone some money. He played so well that she would go to the ends of the earth o give him her money. She wasn't the only person who realized how great he was. There was an entire crowd surrounding him. Then it stopped. The urge was gone. She wasn't even sure why she paid attention to him. She usually ignored people like him.
Rising Action
After Richard finds Door and the marquis, they explain that he has fallen through the cracks and now belongs in London Below. He doesn't really exist in his world anymore. With nowhere else to go and no knowledge of this new world, he decides to go with Door. After a few days of gathering information, encountering Coup and Vandemar multiple times, and climbing buildings, they find the way to Angel Islington, the person Door's father told her to go to if she ever needed help. They have to go in the museum and find The Angleus, the gateway to Islington's domain. When they arrive, there is a party going on, but they eventually find it. They enter his domain and he asks them what they want. Door wants to know who killed her family and why. Richard wants his life back. He instructs them to, in return obtain a key. After they obtain the key, they must return through the labyrinth because the Angeleus works only once for each person.
Jessica's boss was going to have a party at the museum, and that meant Jessica spent weeks planing a party. She was more stressed than she had been in years, and just to add to that stress, her boss was late. After trying to call him for fifteen minutes, she gets a report of two party crashers. She sees them both looking around for something and they both seem so familiar. For some reason, though, they are impossible to place. It's like she knows them. She has security leave them. She can't deal with that right now. Her boss arrives, and begins his speech.Then, when her boss is about to reveal the piece of art he was giving to the museum, the party crashers run up to the art and then they are gone. Only Jessica remembers the party crashers, but she can barely remember if they were doing anything. She doesn't even give them a thought afterwards.
Once they are in the labyrinth, on their way back from retrieving the key, Coup & Vandemar capture them and they are taken to Angel Islington. There he reveals himself as Coup & Vandemar's boss and the one who had them kill her family. He explains his plans to escape his prison and returning to heaven. There he would rule the whole of reality. He needed the key to unlock the door and Door to use the key. Not wanting Richard or the marquis de Carabas to get hurt, Door obliges and opens a door. Islington realized only too late that she was opening a different door, a door that sucked Islington, Coup, and Vandemar in. Door closed the door and opened another to leave.
The morning after the party Jessica realizes what has been missing: Richard. She rushes to his office wondering how she forgot him and what he has been doing. She remembers breaking the engagement but not why. she offers to come back to him, but he says no. She is heartbroken.
Using the key, Richard returns to London Above. Everybody remembers him, and they treat him as usual. Jessica even comes and apologizes for getting angry and she wants to be engaged again. Richard refuses. Something has changed inside him. He can't be content with a normal life anymore.
Richard didn't know what to do. He had tried everything he could think of to get back to London Below.He even talked to some homeless people. That night he was so desperate that he just screamed for Door. It worked.
Jessica went home. She couldn't bear going to work. That night she cried herself to sleep. when she woke up she couldn't remember why.
As doors close and things are lost, new doors open and new things wait to be found.
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