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Why the US will abandon Capital Punishment

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Mark Thorsby

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Why the US will abandon Capital Punishment

The Thesis
The Unites States will inevitably join other industrialized nations in abandoning the death penalty, just as it has whipping, the stocks, branding, cutting off appendages, maiming, and other primitive forms of punishment.
Arbitrary and Unfair Infliction
The Reality of Capital Punishment
Capital Punishment is a descendant of barbarism
Less than 1% of murderers are executed
Texas & Virginia carried out 45% of executions since 1976
Capital Punishment is on the decline in most states and in the world
No Deterrent effect can be proven
Capital Punishment has no Place in a decent society
A Human Rights Violation that Undermines the Standing and Moral Authority of the United States
The US accounts for nearly 90% of all executions worldwide since 2001
Why the United States Will Join the Rest of the World in Abandoning Capital Punishment
Thank you!
Stephen B Bright

Michel Foucault

"Discipline & Punish"
Executing Innocents
reliance on eye witness testimony
Use fo false confessions
Capital Punishment tends to be applied only to people with poor legal council.
Execution as a form of racial discrimination
Compare the celebrations outside Prisons during an execution
The US is the only NATO country that executes its citizens
Something is Terribly Wrong when Innocent People are condemned to Death
In 30 Years, 100 People were exonerated
Ray Krone
Anthony Porter
Gary Graham
2 Key Decisions are made by Prosecuters
1) Should the death penalty be imposed?

2) Should this case be resolved by plea bargain?
Racial Bias
97.5% of prosecutors in death penalty cases are white
In 18 States, all prosecutors are white
African Americans constitute only 12% of the US population
80% of death row inmates are people of color
example in Georgia & Alabama
African Americans are the victims of 65% of murderers but 80% of death row inmates commit crimes against white victime
Racial Profiling in the Criminal Justice System
example) New York's stop & frisk
The Death Sentence for Being Assigned the Worst Lawyer
Read Page 173
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